Investing in the promotional support of affiliate sites is a more efficient tool than just enthusiasm and other non-commercial measures. However, knowledge of main rules of creation a site and its further development and monetization under low-budget is necessary in any case. Knowledge of the rules will help you understand how to distribute various tasks and which of them you can assign to the hired professionals.


Winning team — gather them together!

You have money and now you need to assemble a team of experienced professionals to arrange successful business. You can assign a professional manager who has experience of promotion and monetization of the affiliate sites from scratch, using investments, and who will use outsourcing to organize the whole process. But we have agreed that the first site will be created under your strict guidance.

The question is — who will assist you?

  • You will need SM-marketing manager and analyst, who will be able to justify the idea of ​​the project, find monetization channels and organize promotion;

  • a good web programmer and designer, who will create a high-quality and secure site and provide technical support;  

  • a content manager (editor) and people who will provide customer-oriented website content;  

  • a media analyst, who will know market conditions: demand, competitors, trends, perspectives, as well as the risks.  

The first site is your greatest responsibility and you need to be highly involved in its creation. You should decide on its concept and then find experts. Do not try to go into minor details but make sure that you can form a clear picture of how to implement your plan. You can subdivide your project into stages. Thus you will know what kind of experts you will need at every stage, how much money you need to pay them and how to organize their activity.


Social Media Marketing is an effective way of promotion

SM-managers have the most effective mechanisms of promotion on the Internet in their hands.  These managers use special analytical software to attract target groups of people on various social platforms and networks. They also monitor advertising trends and use them as short-term boosters to increase the number of visitors.

Trend spotter - a handler to increase the number of visitors

If you hire a trend spotter, you'll be surprised how promptly your site will be visited by lots of enthusiastic users. You can learn the basics of SMM yourself; there are many researches and training sites on the Internet. Creation of a partner site requires the knowledge of social media marketing in order to attract more users from the Website.


Creation of one or many partner sites

After launching your first site and connecting to affiliate programs, you can start your second site, then the third and gradually the tenth. However, you should never leave them unattended. Remember always keep strict control over your sites. Note that each site is like a small company and you need to control and monitor it daily.

General review of how it works

It is advisable to create targeted sites for different affiliate programs and various partners. The use of online services in such programs as CPS, Rebate, CPL, CPA is a reliable way to gain profitability of your assets (sites) and diversify consumer risks. Sites should be devoted to various subjects:

  • Services of the financial companies and products for kids are always in demand. You can use this fact for your advantage devoting them half of your projects.  

  • Variety of goods and general-purpose services can take about 1\3 of your projects.

  • Some goods and services of the seasonal demand and relevant affiliate sites shall be developed for gaining seasonal profits. Devote to them about one-tenth of all your projects.  

You can create affiliate sites for your main site. This will make search engines believe that your website is of great popularity. You can also use additional thematic sites, which will host links to the main site.

You can just buy cheap links and advertising of your website on the stock exchange here. Thus, you will not need to develop support sites.


Place greater focus on your competitive abilities

In terms of Internet a competition has a particular significance. A website is not a nearest bakery round the corner, which cannot compete with a bakery two blocks away from your home. On the Internet you do not need to move far away, you just need to link to your favorite site. Therefore, thousands of sites are desperately struggling with each other, in order to become your favorite.

Here, you can evaluate traffic sources and the key words, which competitors use to promote their websites on Google.

Scan your competitors with


Here you can receive information about all sites including traffic and number of visitors, traffic sources, interests of the audience, keywords for organic search and contextual and popular pages, competitive websites, analysis of popular websites.

Do not think that if you create a site like, you will have high ranking in search system. If you want to be among 10 top you will have to pay money.

Nevertheless, you can take the lead into the financial sites. Such type of business is less susceptible to crisis. If you fail to obtain partnership with the large banks, dealers or brokerage companies from the very beginning, take another chance, or try to find some other partners, sellers of trading or specialized books, magazines and other related products. Remember that it might take time to find good partners.

You should never stop - assign tasks and direct activities of your employees, analyze market trends, think of prospects for creating new sites and the ways to eliminate risks. After the first success you will not be able to stop, continuing to create new sites. Internet market is a new area and if you make an effective business plan, make a team of real experts and set appropriate targets, you can catch up with competitors, or go ahead of them, gaining the market!




Investing in the promotional support of affiliate sites

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