The advertisement industry is constantly developing these days. The globalisation of marketing activities acted as a spur to developing more efficient advertising methods. In this article, we are going to talk about a brand promotion method called “user behaviour fraud" and its suitability for attracting new audience onto your site. Let's start with some theory.

When referring to "User behaviour", we mean some factors that measure users' activities on a site.

User behaviour may include the following notions:

1) The behaviour of users on your site (time spent on the site, number of views, bounce rate, filling in forms, and so on).

2) Search results (clicks rate, number of visits to the site, "likes" put in social networks).

3) Other factors (subscription to news, repeat visits, adding to favourites).

All those factors may be monitored through free service  Googleanalytic. 

Fraud process

So, how can we readjust those factors? It's incredibly easy to do, as the popularization of social networks and services has led to an increase in the number of networks providing user behaviour fraud services. Technically, you only have to "deceive" search algorithms and find a person who will visit your site several times a day to boost its popularity. Theoretically, you can even organize a whole network of such users and thus increase the popularity of your resource in the shortest time possible. Nevertheless, it's not that easy practically. The thing is, search algorithms are updated almost every day and all frauds related to increasing CTR and number of visits are easily detected. 

Fraud net advantage

So, what's the final total? After applying user behaviour fraud services, you can really have a short-term improvement in search results. However, your site will return to the initial position very soon (in just 1-3 weeks, as a rule) due to automatic filters created by the search algorithm developers. As a result, your site will be either banned or dropped to below the 100th rank in search results.

You've been banned..what shall you do?

Unfortunately you can't pick and choose here. First and foremost, you should immediately stop cooperating with behaviour fraud services. Then you should talk to the support team of the search engine to which the filter has been applied. If you follow the support team's instructions, your resource might be unblocked after a while. Still, in some cases, a resource can be banned permanently. 

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