How to become a partner of a Forex broker and gain profit?

Affiliate program – a type of advertisement tool

Affiliate programs are widely used by Forex brokers as an effective advertising tool at Forex. Affiliate programs have gained wide popularity and investor confidence, as they prove to be a reliable source of profit. Most of the affiliate programs are aimed at promoting a brand of the company for a pre-specified cost.
In order to participate in the affiliate program in the Forex market, a person shall choose a broker, assess profitability of its affiliate programs, then register as a partner and start to attract new customers for a broker.

Payment systems are different: it can be a fixed one-time payment for every new referral or a percentage from the referral’s profit (the latter option allows you to receive permanent income, since a referral will trade in the market earning profit for both him/herself and a partner.

A partner does not need to be a professional trader in order to participate in an affiliate program, as he/she will receive a percentage from trading operations of a referral who joined the company due to partner’ efforts. Participation in an affiliate program gives chance to earn money at the largest financial markets without exposing yourself to the risk or making investments or trading operations.

Types of Forex affiliate programs

LiteForex has several affiliate programs, which offer different conditions of payment. A partner can choose a program, which is the most attractive for him/her. A broker pays either a fixed amount of money for each new referral, attracted by a partner, or a percentage from the profit of an affiliate, attracted by a partner. There are four parties involved in such programs.
The first party is a broker who pays for attracting new referrals. A broker’s goal is to expand customer database. The second party is a partner and his/her goal is to earn at Forex without trading and making investments. The third party is a referral, who registered with a broker via the referral link and has become a new trader. A referral carries on trade and thus, earns money in the foreign exchange market. The fourth party is a sub-partner, who is a new trader, attracted to a company by an affiliate of a partner. A partner receives profit from a sub-partner’s operations as well. Therefore, this is a multilevel system, which enables all its participants to earn money.

There is also more profitable and at the same time, more complicated affiliate program, called White Label, which involves promotion of the company’s brand, or launching your own company. 

A broker will provide you with the facilities required to make a quick start.
Your task is to attract traders, train them, provide with access to the Forex market and so on. You will get a free website from a broker, as well as various promotional materials, calculators and other tools.  For the broker, both types of partnership is a good chance to expand customers the database and the network of representative offices. In order to learn more about partnership with LiteForex, visit this page.

How to become a partner of a Forex broker

It is easy to become a partner of a broker in the affiliate programs. You just enter the company’s website, register as a partner and receive all required materials from the broker.

You can use all types of advertising in order to attract customers , 
such as social network, websites, videos, blogs,
banners, text advertising, SEO and so on...

It is more difficult to become a partner in the affiliate program, involving the launch of your own office. In this case you will need to register at the website, purchase Metatrader and register as a self employed entrepreneur. In any case it is much easier than to start your own business from scratch.

And finally

Partnership with a broker is a profitable business only if a broker is a truly reliable and reputable company. In order to drive up demand for the company’s services they should be trustworthy and high-quality. Choose a broker with care and earn high profits!
Good luck!

How to become a partner of a Forex broker and gain profit?

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