There are lots of sites across the Internet that are devoted to the notion of referrals acquiring. Many tips from those sites are just particularities of real situations. This article deals with some methods of bringing in new clients which can be put into practice. Building up your passive income by means of an affiliate program is a kind of art that still can be mastered. Let's start with some theory. Who is a referral?

A referral is a person who has visited a promoted site and registered on it using the link of an earlier registered user (partner).

For example, you have opted for an affiliate program and invited some people to join it. If these people have registered for the program by means of your referral link, they become your referrals.

A partner's commission is a monetary reward for an invited referral's trading activity. An invited user registers his client profile by use of your link and starts trading. As a partner, you receive commission on his trading. 

Now, let's elaborate on how it works in practice. How to acquire referrals? There are several ways of bringing in new clients:

1)Turning your friends into referrals

 Everyone has their circle of friends and acquaintances they maintain contact with.  However, not everyone is interested in earning money on the Internet. But you can easily give your referral link to those who are. This method would hardly attract a slew of referrals, but those who will use your link are very likely to start trading.

2)Free online bulletin boards 

This method is the cheapest and most efficient. Just search for free bulletin boards on the internet and place your referral link there. There are lots of them. The more links you place on the internet, the better your results will be.

3)Social networks 

Social networks are extremely popular nowadays; therefore they can be useful in helping you acquire referrals. Look for communities devoted to internet earnings and place your link there.


To bring in new clients using Youtube, you may upload a video dealing with the subject of internet earnings onto your channel. Your referral link should be placed under the video. The number of attracted clients will be directly dependent on the popularity of your channel.


Remember to place your referral link on online forums and share your personal experience of earning money by use of Internet.


There are lots of online services that mail out newsletters to their regular subscribers for a fee. This method is highly effective and most expensive at the same time.

7)Your own project

 If you have your own site, you may use free marketing materials of LiteForex and successfully attract new clientele.

The referrals acquiring methods covered in this article are a perfect vehicle for acquiring clients and may be used separately or combined. The latter option is more preferable.

Acquiring referrals or Underpinnings for affiliate programs

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