Rebate program: how to earn passive income?

In accordance with the terms of the program a partner needs to open an affiliate account and attract new customers who will carry out trading operations. Part of the profit from the transactions of each new client (referral) will be transferred to a partner’s account.
A partner just need to monitor an affiliate account, withdraw funds and make decisions what to do with the passive income.

A partner does not need to have trading experience or knowledge of the market.

Today, affiliate programs offered by Forex brokers, are the most simple and effective way to earn passive income. These programs do not require large investments; however the income which a partner can earn with the help of such program can be very high.
In order to participate in the affiliate program a partner needs to sign online contract.

The amount of the passive income depends on the activity of the attracted referrals. You remember that a partner receives interest from each trade of a referral.

In order to increase passive income in the Rebate program, a partner must attract as many active referrals as possible. If a partner has attracted at least 3-5 affiliates who begin regular trading, he/she will earn stable passive income.

Rebate program: how to earn passive income?Let’s see how the interest is accrued:

We will assume that a partner has attracted 6 referrals, the clients who used a partner’s affiliate link for opening a trading account.
Within a month referrals have conducted transactions for the amount of 600 lots, which means that a partner will earn: $15*600=$900. Quite a big amount of money for a passive income! A partner can continue to attract referrals who will trade for a long time and thus, the receipt of the stable passive income will be ensured. Terms and conditions of participating in Rebate program are available in the Forex site.

The other well-known LiteForex program is CPS, or CostPerSale. Partner’s interest for participation in this program is up to $50 for each transaction of a referral.

A program CPS will provide high passive income if a partner fulfils all necessary conditions; first of all enter the website, using personal referral link, then open an account and put a deposit of least $100 on the account. The reward of $50 will be automatically transferred to the partner account as soon as partner’s referrals carry out 50 transactions on the standard trading account or 500 trades on a cent account.

Both, Rebate and CostPerSale are multi-tiered affiliate programs, which means that every referral who decides to attract clients to the company, will become a sub-partner and will bring additional passive income to a partner in the amount of 10% of his/her earnings.

LiteForex provides all necessary promotional materials, free website, and calculators for participants of the affiliate programs. Partners are also provided with all required support and assistance of the experts.


Rebate program: how to earn passive income?

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