Concept of the Regional representation

Concept of the Regional representation

Have you ever wondered why Broker companies need partners? The answer is easy. Every organization is aimed at developing and making progress. Lack of progress will lead to regression and degradation. Large companies seek to expand their representations and affiliate agencies not only in their home country, but also in other countries all over the world. However, this process may require specific activities. For example, a company will need to train people for this purpose and send them to the other countries to start business there.

However, every area of the world has its specific. Regardless of the experience and knowledge of the company’s representative, who will arrive in the country, he/she may encounter serious problems in developing business associated with peculiarities of the country, its traditions and customs. Plus to this, the representative may have difficulties in adjusting to new conditions, or he/she can just face problems speaking a foreign language, and being far from home and family.  The launch of a new representation always involves investments, labor and technical support.

Local representation is a type of a partnership where part of the expenses is paid by the local representative, and part of costs is paid by the company.

Forex Partner is interested in developing business, as it gives him a chance to earn money in his/her home town (country), and it is easy for him/her, as he/she knows very well all legal proceedings, laws and regulations and the system of doing business.

What are the advantages of the affiliate program “Regional Representation”?

Now let's see why a person can prefer to be a regional representative of the large Broker instead of developing his/her own business. As a rule, new business starts from a scratch, while a Forex partner has a steady support and guiding from the very first steps. Here we can apply a comparison between a tree, which grows from a seed and the same tree, which grows from the large and healthy seedling. 

A Regional representative has in his/her disposal a strong and famous brand with good reputation and a huge number of customers. A regional representative will take a leading role as a company’s  representative in his/her country, where he/she can adjust company’s business to the conditions of his/her country in the best possible way. A representative can exploit company’s website, including advertising and technical support. All necessary facilities and guidance are available for the local representative from his/her very first steps in business as a regional representation.

Success is not only a personal target of a regional representative, as a broker company is also seeking progress in expanding boundaries of its business. Therefore, a person, who has plans to start his/her own business, might prefer to take advantage of the conditions, offered by a company to a regional representative. 

How to become a regional representative of LiteForex?

It is obvious that there can be only one representation of a broker company in the region. Therefore, a chance to become a representative of LiteForex in your region is truly unique. In order to head the local office of the broker and begin to offer Forex services, it is necessary to carry out a number of simple actions. First of all, you need to put application to participate in specific affiliate program on the official website of the company. Within 5 days your application will be considered and a company’s representative will contact you. If your application is approved you can present of plan of doing a business in your country.  

LiteForex will provide you with free website and necessary 
technical tools, such as a calculator and advertising materials to
effectively promote company’s brand and attract new customers.

Payment terms will be agreed between you and the company and stated in the contract.

Do you find it interesting? Regional representation of the large international broker is a challenging, full-time job, requiring a lot of efforts and at the same time, bringing high profits.

Make up your mind and join LiteForex team!

How to become a regional representative and what are the advantages of cooperation with Forex broker

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