Nowadays, more and more private companies and joint ventures are ready to pay big money   for promotion their commercial interests in the global Internet. If you have a thematic website or a blog with high traffic you can earn stable money placing special affiliate programs, selling or advertising products and services, which are related with the general thematic of your site.

However, what can be done if you do not have a site yet, but you want to have a popular site and quickly, and so that will enable you to earn money for sure.


You can create an affiliate website with the least possible trouble


So, this is your first, you exclusive, your main and therefore, your favourite resource, which is aimed at attracting large number of visitors at a minimal cost. The more visitors we have on the site, the more customers our partners will have, and consequently, you will be able to earn more money. However, how can we create such a good website without special skills and knowledge?



Decide on the subject matter of the web resource and investigate the market

Based on the subject matter of your website or a blog you will attract certain business partners: if you have a financial blog, or you develop and distribute technical indicators on your website, or deal with the training material associated with trading in the financial markets, you will attract  such partners, as financial and investment companies, brokers, dealing centers, and other similar partners.

According to Google Adsense the most profitable subjects of websites in 2016


After you have decided on the subject matter of your website:

  • Locate and investigate sites of the most successful competitors. Seonews has made a list of more than a dozen free resources for analysis.

  • Put to use all the possibilities and do not miss any details, such as: content creation, interesting design, friendly usability, business proposals and so on. Take a look at this list of sites, prepared by the Greenhouse of the social technologies here: They can give you some ideas for creation an interesting website.

  • Try to understand what sources are used for monetization of the website: affiliate programs, advertising, other resources, paid links – this information can be useful in future. For this purpose we recommend to use professional Analytics platform  Similarweb. Simply enter the link to the website and get a free basic report on traffic and its sources, number of users, and the interests of the audience.   

In order to analyze competitive websites you can use the service of complete website analysis here. The analysis will also include a free 30-day trial version. After that you will have to pay $99 per month, but one month date may be sufficient for the beginning. You can also look for similar sites in the Network, the variety of which can be huge. It is worth trying, as without significant investments, you can use enthusiasm and originality as your main allies in the fight for a popular site. Do not hesitate to learn new things. In the Network, you can easily find free courses and training programs for web analysts.


Select the right platform, design and determine the format of the publications

If you do not have skills in web layout, programming and design, it is best to work with one of free platforms constructors, which can be used to build up a good site, create its modules and design.

WordPress — one of the most popular platforms with multi-purpose support

Readymag — suitable for landings and business card websites

Wix — good platform, which offers many free templates and design solutions for creating a web site  

Pay more attention to design and user interface! It is important not to ruin the whole project using too much ideas and imagination! Read about common mistakes of the designers, and then learned the basics of what to do to please visitors.


However, in the long term, we recommend you to think about a high-quality background, because WP can have lot of vulnerable points, which be easily exploited by ill-wishers and competitors.

There are plenty of sites like LiveJournal or Medium, which you can use for blogs. Various customers actively use such social networks as VK and microblog services such as Twitter.


Decide on the frequency of publications and overall working hours for the site; however don't forget that you need to stay involved in the process constantly; therefore, choose flexible time schedule, which will suit all your visitors. User response depends on which day and at what time you place a post. We recommend you to read relevant articles and research studies about the content timing.


Promote a website on search system and attract visitors

Once you have made head or tail of the platform and designed your first web site, it is necessary to fill it with interesting content. Keeping in mind that that we have limited budget, it will be mostly a text. Note that video and images need to be very ingenious to attract audience, so it is likely that you will have to pay to an expert to get a really good advertising.

It is cheaper to advertise on the websites with higher traffic than your site. The other possibility is a mutual promotion: you can advertise resources of the other new websites, while they will advertise your website. It's free. But if you want to be promoted on a site with high traffic, you will need to spend money. Read more about the most popular promotion channels read in an article Marketing Planet of CIS.

However, let’s focus on the money-saving option. Main content of our site will be a text matter: articles, reviews, analysis, news, and so on. Note that the text should be not just original and interesting, which goes without saying. It needs to comply with some logical rules of optimization, so that search systems of Google and Yandex will find them easily upon on a user requests, i.e. this process must be easier than the search process of your competitors. We recommend you to study so-called SEO — search engine optimization. You can learn SEO from scratch in the Academy of Internet marketing. Such companies like CyberMarketing provide free seminars for people who have some knowledge on this subject.

Full check-list for promotion of your website can be found here. Once you begin to issue the content, the number of visitors will gradually increase. You can unite with the similar low competitive sites for cross-promotion. You can also spend money and buy advertising on the similar sites devoted to the same subject; it will also increase the flow of new visitors.


Looking for profitable affiliate programs

When the number of visitors to your website will steady increase, you can begin to look for the partners. As we have said before, your partners are those who sell products and services, which are related to the subject of your site. If a site is devoted to the cars, we can sell on the site spare parts or car components or services of the auto companies; On the blog devoted to the financial analysis, we can sell services of Forex brokers, investment companies, banks and so on.

You can look for the partners yourself or use the services of intermediaries, who offer hundreds of sites, to which you will forward your visitors charging money.

The first option is good in view of the long-term income, while the option with the intermediaries is more suitable for those who own several sites. You can find more information about the terms of business partnerships in the section for partners.


Now, let’s summarize our review:

1. You have developed a business plan:

Selected a subject-matter of the site;

Specified the audience and partners;

Selected analytical tools;

Make research study of your competitors.


2. You have selected necessary platforms and decided on the format of publications

First, you use free platforms like Wordpress, uKit, Wix; after a while you purchase services of high-quality hosting, security auditing and design services;

You set up crossposting in the social networks: VK, Twitter, Facebook;

You have decided on the display format: video, photo, text; and selected the frequency of publications;


3. You have promoted your site in the Network

Adjusted your site to the search systems;

Use mutual advertising

And budget advertising.


4. You have connected your site to the affiliate programs

Selected relevant affiliate program;

Found partners;

Earn money!


Then an affiliate program helps to gain some profit, you can continue to develop your site, or launch a new site and connect it to a new (or old) affiliate program. You can choose either quantity or quality! And, always remember about the priorities. Mobile version of the site is not a priority, as it is more important to pay for the advertising, buy links and use services of a Content Manager and copywriters. If you plan to work for a long time, you should think about it.

We wish you all the best in your new business!

Read more detail about investing in the affiliate sites read in our next article!


An affiliate site at a minimal cost

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