How to identify target audience for the affiliate program

Identification of the target audience is one of the important aspects of reaching success for a partner, who participates in the LiteForex program. Knowing the audience of your website, you can evaluate whether the services you offer as part of LiteForex affiliate program, will be in good demand. 

First of all, let’s clarify what we mean in the context of a “target audience”.

Target audience is a group of people which share common interests.

Partners- beginners often proceed to business without thorough investigation of the audience on his/her website. As a result, you damage your health and nerves, earn less money and have less free time. This article will give you tips on how to identify target audience for the affiliate program, which you promote. I will also describe methods that can help us in our task.

Sharrington method

What, Who, Why, When, WhereThere are many methods of identifying target audience. They are all available for studying. However, I would like to introduce a really effective method, which can be easily applied in practice. This is a method of Mark Sharrington that is applicable to the affiliate program LiteForex. 


The key of the method is in its title: 5W (what, who, why, when, where):


  • What?: a product or service, which you promote (in our case, it is an affiliate program).
  • Who?: a user of your website who theoretically can be interested in your offer.
  • Why?: why a user of your website might wish to become your referral?
  • When?: at what time of the year a user will agree to become your referral?
  • Where?: where does a potential user usually receive this type of service?


Giving honest answers to these questions you can evaluate your resource, as well as some other resources and then, identify a group of audience which is more suited to your target.


What is next?

We have selected a group of audience, which is theoretically ready to cooperate with you. Then, based on the following criteria, we can make a portrait of an ideal average user. 

Place of residence. Obviously, the number of registrations through your referral link cannot be affected by the surroundings; however, difference in languages and problems with internet access can play a nasty trick.

Economic potential of the region. We shall bear in mind that advertising Ferrari in the Central African Republic (with GDP of $1.8 in 2014) will be rather foolish. Therefore, we shall carefully and wisely select the region for our promotion program.

Gender. Strangely enough, but men and women are different. It is well known that men have a greater talent to earn money than women. They are more successful in business and more resolute in financial matters. However, every rule has its exceptions, which shall always take into account.

Age. The same, as in the item «Economic potential of the region,” is true here. We know that a schoolboy will differ from a businessman not only in psychological aspect but in his/her purchasing power. 



Internet access

How can we find our audience outside our resource? We can refer to the requests that the users place in Internet. For this we can use a wonderful service Google Trends. Studying popular requests of the users we can try to establish some connection between them.

Users’ requests can be subdivided into a few main groups:


  1. Target requests. In this type of requests users clearly describe a product or service they want to use or buy.
  2. Buyers’ requests. Requests from the users, who wish to buy goods or services.
  3. Related requests. These are requests, which are related to your subject but a user is not searching specifically your service.  


Using Google Trends you can see what key words users use in order to find you and you can adjust your website to attract more audience.

This subject is too wide and we cannot cover all the details in one article. Nevertheless, now, we have an example how to identify and attract a group of people, with whom we can start our work.

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteForex. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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