A popular way of getting passive income without investing money is taking part in partnership programs.

Ways of making profits with Forex partnership programs. How to become a Forex broker’s partner and make profits?

Partnership program as a means of advertising

Successful brokerage companies in Forex more and more often use partnership programs as an effective means of advertising. The world exchange market has already gained global popularity and earned its credibility. Due to this, it has become for partners a promising object of promoting and a reliable source of profits.

The most of partnership programs’ essence is to promote a company’s brand for the previously defined charges. To participate in a partnership program in Forex, first, you should choose a brokerage company, then assess the profitability of the programs it offers, register as as a partner and start to attract new clients to this broker.

Payment systems are different: it is possible to get a fixed income for each new client, or a profit participation (a percentage of the profits), the second model enables you to get a passive income, as the payment is not one-time but depends on the future success of the attracted client, who can trade after that both for a year, and three years and ten years. So you don’t need to be a professional trader, because the traders, who joined the company by your recommendation, will be attached to you and you will get the percentage of their trading. The advantage of participating in Forex partnership programs is the opportunity to take profits in the world largest market without risking your own money, you don’t invest or trade by yourself.

Kinds of Forex partnership programs

The most famous kind of partnership programs is the one, which is the remuneration of a brokerage company’s partner for attracted clients. The payment forms can differ, a partner chooses the most suitable one. So, a broker can pay you a fixed fee for each attracted client or a percentage of the attracted clients’ profits. Four parties take part in such programs.

  1. The first party is the brokers who pay for attracted clients. Their aim is to extend clients’ base.
  2. The second one is the partners, who want to earn in Forex without trading and investment. That is their aim.
  3. The third party is referrals, new clients, having registered with the broker through the referral link, that is through the partner. A referral’s aim is to earn on trading in Forex.
  4. And the fourth one is sub partners, who are new broker’s partners, involved in the company by the partners.

There is another, less spread, kind of partnership programs. It is for those who want to run their own business in finance. In this case partners also have a choice: whether to develop their own brand or the brand of the broker, who they are going to cooperate. In the first case, a broker provides you with all the resources, necessary for a fast start. Your task is to use them for successful activity in Forex: to attract traders, train them, help to enter the exchange market, etc. The broker supplies you with a free website, different promotional materials, calculators and other tools.

The second model implies to open a branch of the broker’s company in your region. You, as a partner, head the firm, run Forex business under already promoted brand of the broker. You are also provided with all the resources, necessary to run the business. For a broker, both partnership models are a way to extend client’s base and the network of the company’s branches, as well as to make the brand more popular and to increase the profits. To learn more about all the LiteForex partnership opportunities you can refer to the information here.

How to become a Forex broker partner?

It is very simple to become a Forex broker’s partner within the program of attracting new referrals . You just enter a company’s site, register as a partner, get from the broker all the necessary for promoting materials and start to perform your task.

You can attract clients ( new traders) whichever ways you want: through social nets, through the site, video clips, blogs, bill boards, content, SEO, etc...

It is slightly more difficult to become a partner in the program implying to open your own business. To do this, you need not only to register on the site but also to buy, for example, a Metatrader terminal, to register as a private entrepreneur. Any way, to start with a ready business is far simpler than to start from scratch.

Attracting new clients and partners to the company

The performance of any company directly relates to the number of clients, who choose it. It can be rather difficult to attract people exactly to your brand, as this segment is quite competitive, and the competitors often use unfair means. Therefore, if a brand is well-known, has a good reputation and credibility, then its creators launch special partnership programs to attract new clients to the company. This service can be used by any people without any special knowledge or skills.

They register in the program of the selected broker and, receive personal referral link, and with the use of some sources attract new clients. They follow the partner's referral link and register with the broker, thus being attached to a certain partner. Then, according to what kind of program they have chosen, people will get money to their account for each client, attracted; for the number of transactions, made; or a percentage of the new client’s profits. Besides, partners can get money not only for new clients, referrals, but also for new partners, attracted, sub partners.

The system usually consists of multiple levels. So, a partner starts with getting a percentage of attracted sub partners’ profits, then, percentage of the profits of sub partners’ sub partners and so on.

Partnership program for those, who wish their “own business”

If you are able and willing to manage your own enterprise, and at the same time you wouldn’t like to miss Forex opportunities, then you will like WhiteLabel partnership program.

Thus, you participate in a broker’s business, get your own clients, manage the firm and promote the brand, heading the department. You independently establish the conditions for clients, launch promotion and lotteries, make special offers. You have your own business, your firm that provides Forex services, as well as your own employees and, respectively, your own income from brokering.


As you have already understood, the success of partnership programs directly relates to the broker’s success. So, you should be confident in the quality of the services, you promote, as well as the reliability of the broker. Therefore, when you choose partners for yourself, be especially careful to study their history, image and reputation. Agree, it is far more pleasant to promote a good name of a good company, than to offer people something, you don’t believe yourself.

And in conclusion...

The partnership with brokers is a really profitable business only provided that the brokers themselves are truly reliable. To be promoted successfully Forex services need to earn people’s trust. And it depends on a brand’s reputation, its development history, the quality of the services provided and so on. So, choose wisely and earn the most effectively. Good-bye for the moment!

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Ways of making profits with Forex partnership programs. How to become a Forex broker’s partner and make profits?

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