There are lots of things Forex can do. For example, make you go grey or grow bald if your hair is sensitive to stress. Or earn you some money.  You can invest in Forex as well. Finally, you can just spend your time sitting in front of the terminal and watching quotes moving upwards and downwards. But Forex can be useful as well, as it seems.

1. If you are quite a successful trader, you don't have any money related problems, which makes your relationship smoother. On the other hand, a novice will be disappointed to have to explain to his girlfriend that buying eur/usd is much more important at the moment than going together to the cinema or eating out in a restaurant.  But basically, a successful trader can afford much more than an average office worker. It means you can make a more precious birthday present for your girlfriend. In fact, that's not Forex that reinforces your relationship, that’s money. But the foreign exchange is a perfect way to earn it.

2. Which quality do women appreciate the most? Responsibility. Well, we are often reproached for lacking it.  The best way to develop responsibility is to be totally disciplined, while at Forex a strict observance of one's own strategy is a guarantee of success. That's why there's a clear connection between profitable trading and Buddhist monks’ discipline. How can that help you build up your relationship? That's easy: you'll hardly find a trader who has forgotten about his girlfriend's birthday or any other date that is important to her.

3. There are several ways to forecast prices at Forex. One of them is fundamental market analysis. In other words, it's a painstaking examination of all factors that can influence price formation.  This kind of mental exercise helps develop your intellect. An intellect seems to be of less importance at the beginning of relationships, but later on, while watching you drinking mayonnaise right from the packet, your woman might wonder if she wants her children to be idiots. So, the more intelligent you are, the more chances of saving your relationship you have. If fundamental analysis develops your IQ, we can say definitely that currency trading strengthens your marriage or its rudiments.

4. Now that we've mentioned analytics, we have to say that an ability to foresee the way the situation will develop is a wonderful skill you can apply to your relationship.  So, that's quite obvious: the better you analyse the market, the better you see connections between various events.  Thus, another provocation won't catch you unawares and you'll be able to neutralize its causes or just take off for a walk with friends.

5. The fifth peculiarity of Forex that can help save your relationship is based on a simple principle. The more time you devote to your woman, the better. The currency exchange, in its turn, relieves you of your office chair and frees you. As a result, you can spend as much time with your girlfriend as you wish.




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