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It is no secret that American currency market has some specific features compared with the markets in the CIS countries. The flawlessness of the exchange trading system in the USA is an evident fact. It is recognized as the best in the world and for a good reason. It is obvious that currency trading is highly cultivated in the USA and during the long historical period of its existence has developed some traditions and rules. There is no doubt that the launch of the Forex markets has strong impact on the present life. All the above-said creates a fertile soil for the activity of traders and development of Forex trade. In addition to the launch of Forex US markets, there are some other factors, which affect currency market in the world. We are going to talk them now.  

Conditions for the beginners in the currency trade

Entry into currency market for an American trader differs from that of a CIS trader. Despite low experience the US beginner will need to invest up 20 thousand USD or more. That is why their trading activity can bring them profit immediately: the bigger is the deposit, the more profit it can give to a trader. However, you should not believe that all beginners in the US Forex market are rich people, it is not true. Just their life principles taught them to use loans. Taking a loan for them is just a way of life.  Therefore, a beginner, who starts to work for a trading company in the USA, can temporarily use the money of the company.  Such companies help a beginner to start trading using large amount of money on the account; they also provide a trader with training and also share with him/her experience of the professional traders with good background. First of all a beginner learns to save money which he/she has invested on the account. After gaining confidence, a new trader will start to earn more than he/she has invested. Therefore, his/her funds will start to grow. 

Correct attitude to the currency market

The correct attitude of the American people to the Forex market did not appear out of the blue. Initially, the US government has developed a correct attitude to the currency market. Activity of the US brokers is strictly governed by the US laws. All market participants in the USA are protected by law and very well aware of the sanctions in case of the violation of the law.

Competence of the beginners

Competence of the beginners

It is not easy to enter currency market in the USA. A trader will be allowed to trade only after special training course, which includes theoretical knowledge and trading practice. We do not say that provided training is free or cheap. In order to obtain a new profession, a profession of a trader, an American citizen shall pay about $4000. It is just a usual practice in the USA to pay for training, which will help you receive good dividends in future. A beginner will start to trade on the demo account. After a few weeks his/her tutors will allow him/her to start trading on the real account. Tutors do not just monitor and   give common knowledge about trading but also share their own trading experience and strategies.


You must be already aware that the US currency market system has been developed long time ago, has its own history and rules. Today, along with the other ways of earning money, the US currency market also gives good chances to do it. Being a trader is not an extraordinary thing for an American. It is a job, for which they have been trained, which is protected by the law and approved by a society. The same as a doctor is not allowed to treat a patient without special training, a traders is required to complete training in order to become a professional trader in America.

It remains for me just to wish you good luck in trading! 

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