It is no longer enough for modern traders to be emotionless cyborgs meticulously plugging over the price charts 24/7. This is the old school spirit and the basis for efficiency not yet curbed by the speed and mobility of the latest analytical programs and professional organizers, which are always at hand - on the screen of your smartphone.

Flexible and multitasking analytical systems are becoming more and more popular: we read trade recommendations, look through the economic calendar, analyze markets and graphs in real-time while reading the news and forecasts of experts. All these features fit in one single lightweight and fast application for your mobile phone.

LiteForex actively implements and supports the multianalytic application LiteForex Analytics, which is available for smartphones with iOS or Android. Its functionality is what we will discuss in this review.

Why LiteForex Analytics is useful for a trader:

  • displays trade recommendations from professional traders;
  • broadcasts video reviews of market experts;
  • provides real trading signals;
  • maintains a trading calendar;
  • displays currency rates;
  • recommends trading strategies;
  • provides news and forecasts;
  • sends notifications about important events.

When opening the app we are immediately immersed in a news feed that has all the latest analytical materials on the Forex markets. Also at the first launch, the app offers to enable automatic notifications that will be displayed with each new publication.


The toolbar on top has a navigation menu that allows you to quickly navigate between services, as well as icons for updating the page and settings (with different settings for each individual service). Main settings are available in the navigation menu.

As an alternative way to switch between analysis, you can slide left and right respectively.

Let's talk about the main features of the application:

Technical and Fundamental Analysis of the Markets

Here we study materials of technical and fundamental analysis of Forex markets, prepared by professional analysts and traders from Claws&Horns.

Experts track market changes in 25 main instruments, 10 high-precision indicators and 7 timeframes, which allows publishing high-precision daily analytical reviews and forecasts based on updates of primary sources.




The fundamental review covers the main news, as well as rumors, comments and forecasts on calendar agendas, supplemented by an enriched summary of comments on the latest macro-political and economic developments.

Video Analysis

In the video analysis section, you can find visually accessible and consistent analysis and forecasts of weekly price dynamics on trading charts.


Video reviews contain approximate weekly forecasts for the movement of major pairs on the markets and are accompanied by comments on the latest news and other high volatility events, as well as to the technical data.

Signals and Market Review

Here you can find signals based on 9 indicators in 4 timeframes and corresponding recommendations for the management of trading positions.

Indicators are selected and interact with each other so that it is possible to detect the correlations necessary for making a trading decision by comparing the indications of various computer systems.



In the market review window, price data on instruments are displayed in the form of percentage relationships between purchases and sales of the instrument on Forex, and the list of which can be edited in the settings.

Calendar, Banks’ Interest Rates, Holidays

You can keep track of all this as well. Stay up to date with the latest news, developments in the monetary policy of the central banks, and get timely information on which markets are preparing for the holidays.

The economic calendar is pretty much the same as in similar services of third-party developers - for example, as in a similar and popular application from Investing. It shows events and, if possible, forecasts, previous data, and later - actual data on this economic event.

There is a currency converter.



You can always get information on the closing dates of the registries of different companies. In other words, find out the terms of expiration of dividend yields for shareholders of certain companies.

Trading Strategies

In this section, various trading strategies are collected and described with all the particular nuances in different timeframes and using various indicators.

+100. But as practice shows, it is better to close positions if the CCI line crosses the MACD.

The Favorites section contains all interesting materials that can be marked as such with a large button-star under most publications.

Let us summarize the review:

LiteForex Analytics is a multitasking analytical tool with a variety of different functions and services that can be used for both a cursory and in-depth analysis of markets.

It has a flexible user interface with settings for each individual service, which allows you to remove all unnecessary functions and leave only what is essential, for optimizing the workspace.

According to the developers, the user experience assessment systems will be improved further with the active support of neural networks, which will allow achieving greater analytical accuracy for each specific query.

Download LiteForex Analytics free for Android.

App for iOS devices.

You can download a separate application - Trading strategies from LiteForex, which provides free access to more than 150 different trading strategies with charts, expert comments and a convenient search system.

App for Android, app for iOS.



Liteforex Analysis. Review of Mobile Apps

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteForex. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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