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LiteForex Club

Every client of LiteForex enjoys access to the VIP club, absolutely free! Membership in the LiteForex Club grants you a multitude of new, exceptional opportunities.

About Lp points

The cumulative system of points within the LiteForex Club enables its participants to purchase exclusive goods in the VIP shop. The special points of the club are called LP points and calculated automatically according to a trader’s trading volumes. They are directly connected with your status in the VIP community: the more you trade, the more LP points you get.

LP Calculator



Step 1

Trade, get Lp and
Improve your club status

The number of your LP points changes in proportion to your status in the VIP club. When a client joins the club, he automatically gets the BRONZE status and the number of LP points is calculated according to current trading volumes. After you obtain the SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM OR ELITE statuses, the number of new LP points will be multiplied by 125%, 150%, 175% and 200%, respectively.

Step 2

Improve your club status and get
new trading advantages

What do you need LP points for? You need them to make trading more efficient with the help of tools offered in the VIP shop of the LiteForex Club. They will be useful and necessary for every trader wishing to conquer the heights of currency trading. VIP offers include special solutions for getting good loans or exchanging LP points for real money, and the best Forex-related literature and webinars.

Step 3

Accumulate LP and buy additional
advantages in the VIP shop

Everyone can become a member of the community of successful traders! You just do your work, develop trading skills, make profits and enjoy the advantages of membership in the LiteForex Club.