From January 11, 2010 LiteForex forex broker provides to its clients an opportunity to get their accounts transferred to United World Capital Limited broker company. United World Capital Limited is a broker licensed in European Union to work on securities market and Forex market. The deposited funds of the clients are insured for up to € 20,000.

To make this transfer easier for clients, on January, 11 the United World Capital company is planning to launch a new trading server. Trading conditions and set of forex trading instruments of this server will be completely equal to the existing trading conditions of server with the exception of spread. According to representatives' of the company promise a spread will be lowered.

Starting January, 11 this year a special button will appear in forex trader's cabinet titled 'Transfer to United World Capital'. The button will be functioning during one month (till February, 10 2010) and after that according to official statement of the representatives of the group of companies 'LiteForex holding will keep on running independently in its free competition with other companies including United World Capital'.

The accounts will be transferred automatically with the balance, opened positions and orders placed kept unchanged.

All the deposits executed prior to January 11, 2010 will be transferred as one single transaction with the rate 1:1 regardless of payment method it have been deposited to the account with. All the deposits executed after January 11, 2010 will be transferred to client's account after deduction of 3.5% of commission. UWC Financial Services will act as financial agent while the account is being transferred. UWC Financial Services is a financial agent licensed in the United Kingdom.

Clients considering the opportunity of transferring their forex trading accounts to United World Capital company are recommended to open a forex demo account in the UWC Ltd. company beforehand. Trading and operating conditions of the forex demo accounts are absolutely equal to real trading accounts of the company. Forex demo accounts will be available for opening and using during the time that it will be possible to transfer one's account that is from January 11, 2010 to February 10, 2010 inclusive.

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