LiteForex introduces you to an improved version of the "Bring a friend 2.0" program that you have been already familiar with.

This program offers exciting opportunities enabling you to profit from your own trading, from bringing in your friends or colleagues as well as from their trading. Furthermore, you will receive commission for each client attracted by your friends and for each client attracted by your friend's friends...and so on. The most exciting thing is that your friends will be offered the same opportunities and advantages as you. So, it won't be hard to get them interested. The system we introduce you to offers unlimited earning opportunities at any level.

There is another pleasant thing LiteForex has prepared for you: a huge sum of money that will be raffled among all the clients participating in the “Bring a friend 2.0" program. With every new participant registering in the program, the Organizer will add $8 to the prize fund. The prize money will be drawn every 3 months.

What do you need to do to participate in the "Bring a friend 2.0" program?

All is simple:

  • activate the code you have got from LiteForex or from any of your friends when paying at least $100 in the account
  • get your own code for distribution
  • attract your acquaintances by passing the code to them for them to make a deposit
  • trade in your account

We will take charge of the rest.

What will participating in the "Bring a friend 2.0" program bring in?

Unlimited earning opportunities:

  • get a bonus of 20% of your deposit
  • get real money paid in your account from the clients you attracted
  • get additional commission for your friends' work aimed at bringing in new clients
  • get affiliate commission from the clients you attracted
  • participate in the prize raffle every 3 moths
  • make profits from trading in your account

Start your way towards the top right now.

Earning with LiteForex is so easy.

Best regards,
Your broker LiteForex

New multilevel program

New multilevel program "Bring a friend 2.0"
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