Dear clients,

Amendments to trading hours concerning some instruments will take place on 19th January, 2015, due to Martin Luther King Day.

On 19th January, 2015, trading hours will be scheduled as follows:


InstrumentTrading hours
Gold&SilverTrading closed
ASX200Early closing at 15:00
NKY,SPX,NQ,YMEarly closing at 20:00
FuturesEarly closing at 20:00
Brent&WTITrading closed
CFDTrading closed


The server time GMT +2 indicated in the schedule corresponds to the time indicated in the trading platform.

The instruments that are not specified in this table are traded in normal mode.

Please consider this information when trading.

Martin Luther King was a fighter for equal rights for African Americans and Nobel laureate. On the occasion of this important holiday, LiteForex wishes new achievements and success to all the clients!

Best regards,

Trading hours amended on Martin Luther King day
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