Dear clients,

The last fifth stage of the New Year Promo 2015 finished and the list of winners has been formed. Fifty lucky traders got 50USD paid in their trading accounts with LiteForex. The prize money was added to the account balance and may be used for trading purposes or withdrawn without any limits.

List of winners:

Account number Country
20 MT4-PM-179441 India
63 MT4-L-853366 Australia
68 MT4-L-237540 Russia
79 MT4-L-936297 India
125 MT4-R-238621 India
149 MT4-R-241597 India
159 MT4-PM-179941 Lithuania
162 MT4-R-244636 Malaysia
195 MT4-PM-175853 India
247 MT4-R-234553 Russia
248 MT4-L-219243 Malaysia
254 MT4-L-937113 South Africa
265 MT4-R-243093 Brazil
281 MT4-L-234445 Indonesia
284 MT4-PI-180401 Kenya
307 MT4-PIM-155870 Belarus
308 MT4-PI-65875 Russia
313 MT4-R-244872 Malaysia
314 MT4-L-800059 French Polynesia
317 MT4-F-18485 Russia
356 MT4-L-239338 Russia
373 MT4-F-175694 Brazil
383 MT4-STP-77101 Russia
390 MT4-L-239945 Russia
414 MT4-PM-180002 Norway
428 MT4-R-237546 Russia
433 MT4-R-139311 Russia
446 MT4-PI-174785 Nigeria
476 MT4-L-918468 Russia
546 MT4-L-854836 Indonesia
548 MT4-PI-112083 Russia
562 MT4-R-245193 Malaysia
627 MT4-R-245305 Indonesia
653 MT4-R-88031 Russia
670 MT4-F-181525 India
708 MT4-R-224577 India
720 MT4-R-245548 Russia
728 MT4-PIM-180140 Russia
746 MT4-R-200274 Russia
749 MT4-PI-170810 Russia
755 MT4-F-171488 Thailand
756 MT4-R-242960 Austria
758 MT4-R-177189 Russia
833 MT4-PM-81265 Nigeria
841 MT4-PI-122215 Russia
877 MT4-PI-167167 Russia
898 MT4-F-82154 China
923 MT4-PI-170807 Russia
936 MT4-L-939155 Russia
987 MT4-F-175989 Austria

The winners were defined randomly by use of a transparent algorithm and a special number made up of 3 last digits in EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY quotes.

LiteForex wishes all the clients lucky trading in the year 2015!

The last fifth stage of the New Year Promo 2015 finished

The last fifth stage of the New Year Promo 2015 finished
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