Dear clients,

Please be aware that the names of the trading servers used for logging in to MT4 LITE and REAL accounts have been changed.

The name was replaced with for REAL accounts.

The name was replaced with for LITE accounts.

The IP address remained the same for all types of account.

Please consider these changes when logging in to your trading accounts via MT4.

To log in to Metatrader 4 trading account, it is necessary to execute the "Login" command of the context menu of the account (context menu is called by clicking with the right mouse button at the account number) in the "Navigator" window or "File" menu. Then, the account number, one of its passwords (standard or investor) should be given in the appearing window, and a server should be chosen. After all data have been specified, the "Login" button should be pressed.

The current names of the servers can be found in the fourth section of the FAQ section, question №1.

Should you have any questions, please contact our round-the-clock client assistance service via LIVE CHAT or using your preferred method of communication.

Best regards,
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Names of trading servers to be changed
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