The first stage of the campaign “LF 10th Birthday Promo” announces the completion and is ready to distribute awards for the fifth and the last step of the anniversary raffle. 50 lucky winners are in the top list.

The list of the winners of the fifth step of the first stage of “LF 10th Birthday Promo”:

Account number Country Account number Country
1 MT4-R-256476 Malaysia 26 MT4-R-257017 Thailand
2 MT5-R-121350 Russia 27 MT4-R-253938 Nigeria
3 MT4-L-949945 Egypt 28 MT4-ECN-242257 India
4 MT4-PM-60238 Russia 29 MT4-PI-673535 Malaysia
5 MT4-L-951006 Russia 30 MT4-R-253955 Indonesia
6 MT4-R-256409 Malaysia 31 MT4-F-171959 Malaysia
7 MT4-R-2559883 Indonesia 32 MT4-STP-673301 Malaysia
8 MT4-PM-98622 Austria 33 MT4-F-668968 Thailand
9 MT4-PI-674518 Ukraine 34 MT4-R-255891 Indonesia
10 MT4-PI-666920 Russia 35 MT4-L-951022 Chile
11 MT4-R-252950 Malaysia 36 MT4-R-256004 India
12 MT4-ECN-242271 Malaysia 37 MT4-R-252528 Malaysia
13 MT4-F-141403 Bangladesh 38 MT4-PM-666773 India
14 MT4-R-256203 India 39 MT4-PI-154806 Russia
15 MT4-R-253903 Malaysia 40 MT4-F-673787 Guatemala
16 MT4-R-254336 Indonesia 41 MT4-F-670245 Thailand
17 MT4-R-235301 Malaysia 42 MT4-PI-674064 Malaysia
18 MT4-R-253243 Malaysia 43 MT4-L-908085 Russia
19 MT4-L-947697 Russia 44 MT4-PM-674374 Russia
20 MT4-ECN-242299 Nigeria 45 MT4-R-256342 Russia
21 MT4-R-249665 India 46 MT4-F-180318 Pakistan
22 MT4-PIM-61635 Russia 47 MT4-R-254584 Malaysia
23 MT4-R-254393 Malaysia 48 MT4-PM-672602 Spain
24 MT4-R-253887 Canada 49 MT4-R-252333 Malaysia
25 MT4-L-800299 Russia 50 MT4-R-255868 Indonesia

We congratulate all the winners on the hard- won victory and grant $50 as a credit to the trading account of each winner. The money can be either used for trading in Forex or can be withdrawn without any limitations.

You missed your chance and did not take part in the unique campaign provided by LiteForex? Never mind! There will be the second stage of the anniversary raffle “LF 10th Birthday Promo”, which will start on 6 July 2015. Take your chance now and hit the jackpot!

Sincerely yours,

The fifth step “LF 10th Birthday Promo” has finished!


The fifth step “LF 10th Birthday Promo” has finished!
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