Dear clients,

We kindly remind you that there will be a change to trading hours for some instruments due to a shift to winter time on 25th October, 2015 in Europe.

The clocks will go back 1 hour.

Please note the change to the trading schedules for the following instruments from 25.10.2015 till 30.10.2015:


InstrumentTrading session
MetalsOpening on Mon. 00:00
Closing on Fri. в 23:00
CFDOpening on Mon. - Fri. 15:35
Closing on Mon. - Fri. 22:00
Futures: #NQZ5, #ESZ5, #YMZ5Opening on Mon. - Fri. 00:00
Closing on Mon. - Fri. 23:30
(00:00-22:15, 22:30-23:30)
Futures EnergyOpening on Mon. 00:00
Closing on Fri. 23:15
Futures AgricultureOpening on Mon. - Fri. 02:05
Closing on Mon. - Fri. 20:00
(02:05-14:45, 15:35-20:00)
Futures: #SBH6, #KCZ5Opening on Mon. 09:30
Closing on Fri. 20:00
US CrudeOpening on Mon. 00:00
Closing on Fri. 23:00

*the server time as displayed in your LiteForex trading platform
** no change in trading hours will apply to other instruments

Best regards,

Changes to the trading schedule due to a daylight saving time shift
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