Dear clients,

The last fifth stage of the New Year Promo 2016 finished and the list of winners has been formed. Fifty lucky traders got 50USD paid in their trading accounts with LiteForex. The prize money was added to the account balance and may be used for trading purposes or withdrawn without any limits.

List of winners:


Participant's number Account number Country
27 MT4-F-82088 Russia
954 MT4-R-273246 Malaysia
367 MT4-L-935219 Malaysia
480 MT4-R-152406 Russia
279 MT4-R-271519 Malaysia
912 MT4-R-272785 Malaysia
69 MT4-R-245736 Russia
903 MT4-PI-687584 Brazil
319 MT4-R-131846 Maldives
741 MT4-R-150253 Russia
163 MT4-L-235234 Russia
938 MT4-R-267349 India
593 MT4-PI-687419 Ukraine
784 MT4-R-139311 Russia
704 MT4-L-964450 Malaysia
751 MT4-PM-686759 Marshall Islands
863 MT4-R-262235 Malaysia
17 MT4-L-958286 India
146 MT4-L-800059 French Polynesia
408 MT4-R-268361 Philippines
658 MT4-PM-167643 Malaysia
916 MT4-R-273137 Malaysia
254 MT4-PIM-685850 Russia
861 MT4-R-266131 Malaysia
663 MT4-R-261385 Russia
752 MT4-PIM-673280 United Kingdom
901 MT4-R-273129 Malaysia
833 MT4-PM-137794 Poland
21 MT4-F-21850 Russia
849 MT4-PI-687655 Belarus
71 MT4-L-810023 Russia
330 MT4-R-100137 Russia
341 MT4-R-270238 Thailand
569 MT4-R-249490 Russia
854 MT4-R-270639 Thailand
34 MT4-PIM-152877 Russia
229 MT4-R-270592 Malaysia
136 MT4-F-50669 Canada
225 MT4-R-271290 Malaysia
16 MT4-R-203578 Nigeria
794 MT4-R-270005 Austria
956 MT4-ECN-266675 Malaysia
13 MT4-ECN-263114 Malaysia
220 MT4-R-271345 Malaysia
335 MT4-R-271675 Malaysiaa
883 MT4-ECN-253542 Poland
603 MT4-R-144543 Russia
125 MT4-R-188918 Australia
272 MT4-R-271505 Malaysia
841 MT4-R-272980 Malaysia


The winners were defined randomly by use of a transparent algorithm and a special number made up of 3 last digits in EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY quotes.

LiteForex wishes all the clients lucky trading in the year 2016!

The last fifth stage of the New Year Promo 2016 finished

The last fifth stage of the New Year Promo 2016 finished
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