You are now able to open your trading account in millibitcoins

Dear clients!

Our team has noticed that deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin are becoming more and more popular, as well as trading in cryptocurrency assets themselves. In this regard, to reduce our clients’ conversion costs, we decided to please you with our innovation and added a new account currency, MBT.

When opening any account with LiteForex, you are now able to select millibitcoin (MBT) as your base account currency. Thus, the base account currency is a sub-BTC unit, representing one thousandth (0.001) of the Bitcoin price.

Open a cryptocurrency trading account, trade cryptocurrencies and make profits from the differences in the exchange rates of the most volatile financial instruments with LiteForex.

Best Regards,

LiteForex Team


A new currency of accounts is introduced - millibitcoin
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