Prize: 1000$

Andrey Zhezhel

Best Trader

2nd place

        Country: Ukraine

        Nickname in the contestnos222

  • Please tell us about your experience in the contest and impressions of the victory.
    • It was a great experience. I have been in the high spirits during the whole contest.
  • How did you learn about this contest? Why did you decide to take part in it?
    • I leant about the contest on LiteForex site and decided to participate because I love excitement!
  • Was competition for the prize very hard? What can you say about your competitors?
    • All competitors were highly qualified. Competition was hard and tense.
  • What do you think was the most difficult in the contest?
    • The most difficult was to keep up with the leader; I still failed to overtake him.
  • How did you know about Forex market and why did you decide to become a trader?
    • I have learnt about FOREX market long time ago from a friend of mine. I decided to become a trader to convert my free time into money.
  • Why did you decide to choose LiteForex?
    • My choice was determined by the following factors: user-friendly systems of identification and withdrawal/deposit; huge number of payment systems and high speed of trade settlement, and plus to this, high quality of technical support.
  • What were the priorities that helped you come to decision to work with LiteForex?
    • The priority for me was a chance to open a cents account; so that without much expenses I was able to test my abilities in this business.
  • What are you going to do with your prize?
    • I will keep it on my account and continue to trade.
  • What would you like to wish to the other LiteForex traders?
    • Good luck and high profit.