Prize: Apple iPhone
6S 128Gb

Anuar bin Waid

«New Year Promo 2016» contest

1st place in 1st stage

Country: Malaysia

Account number: MT4-R-271950

  • Please tell us about your experience in the contest and impressions of the victory.
    • The contest is so easy to enter that i totally forgot about it. The victory is really a big surprise because i join LiteForex for the 'pips' and this is really is a great new year surprise.
  • Could you please tell us what your trading achievements are? Did you manage to make profits during the contest?
    • As a newbie in forex market which i began trading late 2014 i have achieved my personal target to grow and double up my equity and definitely managed to make profits during this contest.
  • How did you learn about the Forex market and why did you decide to become a trader?
    • I learned about forex market via a facebook posting shared by a friend. I decide to become a forex trader due to time flexibility and you only need small capital to begin with. l was into local stock market earlier but the market is limited to office hours unlike forex market which is almost round the clock.
  • Is trading in the currency market your main business activity?
    • It is not my main business activity at the moment but once i obtain enough experience and knowledge i would seriously consider it to be my main business activity.
  • What’s your personal guideline when trading and choosing a broker?
    • My personal guidelines to chose a broker would be it must be a registered, regulated, reliable and have proven track record. Having a local representative is a bonus.
  • Why did you decide to choose LiteForex?
    • First it was word of mouth from fellow traders, then i decide to do my own research on LiteForex background and it definitely fulfilled my criteria as a broker of choice. The platform is very responsive and user friendly. Plus i love the regular forex analysis from master trader which enlighten me as a newbie certain aspect of forex market.
  • Do you plan to participate in LiteForex’s next contests?
    • Why not, especially now it seems that i realized i could win other things apart from pips from LiteForex.
  • What would you like to wish to the beginners to help them reach success?
    • I wish beginners would find a good teacher trainer to guide them reach success in forex market.