Prize: $500

Juan Alejandro Ruiz Palacio

LiteForex Championship DEMO

        Country: Colombia

        Contest account1001844340

  • Please tell us about your experience of working on the platform MT4 at the contest.
    • It is a pleasure to work at the platform provided by you- orders are executed very quickly and I do not need to worry about the outcome of trade.
  • How long have you been a client of LiteForex?
    • I have been a client of LiteForex since 13 June 2010.
  • Are you planning to take part in the next contest "LiteForex Championship REAL”, which will start on 27 May 2013?
    • Yes, sure.
  • What are your wishes to your rivals?
    • I wish them to do all that is required to gain a victory: spend a lot of time in front of a monitor, tracking changes in the market movement, be confident in your strategy and constantly improve it.
  • Would you like to participate in future contests, which LiteForex organizes for its clients, speaking Spanish and Portuguese?
    • Yes, as it is a great opportunity for all Latin American clients of Liteforex to show mettle.
  • Do you have suggestions how to improve services of Liteforex?
    • To tell the truth, I find it difficult to answer this question, because I have never met a broker with so much potential as LiteForex has. Therefore, I wish you to evolve and expand network of your representatives.