Prize: $1000

Myriam Kesso

Contest “FMIS – Marathonbenin”

1st place

Country: Benin

Account number: MT4-R-280849

  • How did you learn about LiteForex’ contest “FMIS – Marathonbenin” ?
    • From a friend who completed training with your partner FMIS.
  • Why did you decide to participate in the contest?
    • I did it for two reasons. First of all I wanted to win the Grand prize, and secondly, I wanted to see if I have a nerve to work on the financial market.
  • We congratulate you on your victory! You won a prize of $1000. Are you happy with the result?
    • Yes, as I am the first. On the other hand, I learnt that LiteForex has organized the other contest with the top prize of $2000. It is a pity I did not participate in it.
  • Are you a keen player?
    • Not at all.
  • Did a desire to be the first prevent you from keeping a cool head?
    • When I entered the market I knew that I could lose my money. However, your partner explained to me what risks I can suffer, so I had a clear idea of what I was dealing with and it helped me to keep my head cool.
  • Do you often participate in such contests?
    • Actually, it was my first time.
  • What are your favourite contests?
    • Marathon.
  • How long have you been working with LiteForex?
    • Just a few days but I am not going to stop.
  • Is trading your main occupation?
    • No, I have a job.
  • Do you have any ideas how we can improve our service?
    • It will be great if you hold a seminar in Benin, since the financial market is not so well- known here, as for example, in Nigeria or Ghana.