Prize: 600$

Nikolay Ermak

Best Trader

3d place

        Country: Russia

        Nickname in the contestErmak 2

  • Please tell us about your experience in the contest and impressions of the victory.
    • This is my first real success on the real account and the largest prize.
  • How did you learn about this contest? Why did you decide to take part in it?
    • I once got into LiteForex website and was pleasantly surprised by this contest and the prizes, which have been offered.
  • Was it difficult to get a prize? What can you say about your competitors?
    • My first two attempts were not successful. I gained success only with my third attempt.
  • What do you think was the most difficult in the contest?
    • I registered my bonus-account just a week before the end of the contest; nevertheless, I managed to take the third place.
  • How did you know about Forex market and why did you decide to become a trader?
    • I think that a profession of a trader is one of the best possible choices.
  • Why did you decide to choose LiteForex?
    • Unique exchange rate indices, which helped me analyze market, have become the determining factor in selecting Forex broker.
  • What were the priorities that helped you come to decision to work with LiteForex?
    • Availability of cents accounts and Rebate program.
  • What are you going to do with your prize?
    • I will leave the prize on my account and use it for the future trading.
  • What would you like to wish to the other LiteForex traders?
    • Follow the rules of Money Management, and do not try to earn excessive profit.