Prize: Apple MacBook
Pro 15

Rus Wahida bte Abdul Wahab

«New Year Promo 2016» contest

1st place in 3d stage

Country: Malaysia

Account number: MT4-R-272129

  • Please tell us about your experience in the contest and impressions of the victory.
    • I was recommended to take the contest by the Malaysian Liteforex staff. I enjoyed the contest and do the daily trading. I am very happy with the win and hope Liteforex shall continue giving more contests and promotions.
  • Could you please tell us what your trading achievements are? Did you manage to make profits during the contest?
    • I manage to make reasonable profits during the contest.
  • How did you learn about the Forex market and why did you decide to become a trader?
    • I learn the Forex market from friends and I am confident that I can make reasonable income from it. That is the reason why I decided to become trader.
  • Is trading in the currency market your main business activity?
    • Yes for the time being.
  • What’s your personal guideline when trading and choosing a broker?
    • Quick support and response. Either for deposit or withdrawal.
  • Why did you decide to choose LiteForex?
    • Because it is recommended by my teacher and friends. After choosing Liteforex, I am very satisfied with the support from Malaysia staff especially Budi.
  • Do you plan to participate in LiteForex’s next contests?
    • Yes. Absolutely.
  • What would you like to wish to the beginners to help them reach success?
    • Really study and gain experience first before seriously trading.