Prize: Apple iPad Air 2
128Gb Wi-Fi

Stephan Maier

«New Year Promo 2016» contest

1st place in the 2nd stage

Country: Germany

Account number: MT4-F-102223

  • Hello Stephan,

    To begin with, let me congratulate you on your victory in the 2nd stage! You've won an Apple iPad Air 2. Are you happy about the results?
    • Thanks for the congrats! As for the results, I'm glad, of course. I'd be even happier if I had won the main prize. On the other hand, the contest was a kind of supplement to my main goal and didn't sidetrack me from trading thoughtfully and profitably.
  • Do you think you are a true gambler?
    • More yes than no.
  • Didn't your passionate desire to become the first prevent you from keeping your mind on trading?
    • No, it didn't, as you can see. Moreover, this draw is rather a wish of the market. The numbers were in my favour. Actually, my emotions rather motivate me and make me go all out, you know. Excitement only forces me to make the greatest possible effort to reach my goal.
  • You might often be taking part in various contests, right?
    • Actually, I rather pick and choose.
  • Which contests do you like the best?
    • First and foremost, I'm a man of business. Despite my desire to compete, I know that my main goal is profit making. I'm a professional trader and I make a living from it, providing for my family. I do love competitions, but I select only those that allow me to go on trading. So, New Year Promo is what I need. I followed my strategy and made profits, and finally I happened to win a prize on top.
  • You've mentioned your family. Can you tell us about them?
    • Yes, I love my family very much. My 2 sons and my beloved wife Katarina are my everything. The elder son is 10 and the younger one is 5.
  • It's very touching.
    • Thank you!
  • How long have you been trading with LiteForex?
    • Oh, let me count... for 8 years already!
  • Is trading your main source of income?
    • Yes, it is. At first, I tried to combine it with other activities. But as I was getting more experienced, such necessity fell away. I like my job and at the same time I can devote as much time as I want to my family. My family supports me. I'm never separated from my children and my wife can afford to devote some time to herself.
  • Have you got any ideas how to make our services even better?
    • I'd be glad if more contests like this one appeared. They energize me and inspire me to achieve more!
  • Thank you very much for being so sincere and open! It's was nice talking to you. We wish you further success and victories in your trader's career at Forex!
    • Thanks!