Prize: $500

Vasiljev Andrey

MVP contest

7th place
  • How did you know about the MVP contest for partners?
    • I read the information on the site.
  • Why did you decide to participate?
    • I just thought that I should try to win a prize. My affiliate network is quite big.
  • Is the MVP contest the first contest from LiteForex you took part in?
    • No, it isn’t. I regularly participate in “Weekly sprint” and “Successful partner” contests and win prizes.
  • Was it easy to win?
    • No it wasn’t.
  • Do you plan to participate in LiteForex’s next contests?
    • I do for sure.
  • How did you become LiteForex’s partner?
    • I learnt that I can become a partner and I registered in the affiliate program on the site. Then I started bringing in new clients and teaching them to trade by use of my own strategy.
  • How long have you been cooperating with LiteForex?
    • For more than a year.
  • Which advantages can LiteForex’s affiliate program boast, in your opinion?
    • First of all I would mention a good commission, excellent technical support and contests for partners.
  • Did your life change after you became LiteForex‘s partner?
    • It did. Now I earn a bit more. I plan to continue cooperation, to bring in more clients and to earn more. The work with LiteForex is very convenient and interesting for me.
  • Do you recommend your friends and acquaintances participating in LiteForex’s affiliate programs?
    • I do. Unfortunately, I’m the only one who has Forex trading skills in my circle.
  • What would you like to wish to LiteForex’s clients?
    • I’d like to wish them to continue working with LiteForex as the advantages this brokerage offers are amazing: the MultiRebate system rebating a part of spread, good support, swap-free accounts, variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, high performance of trading servers and orders, and so on. That’s why I recommend LiteForex to all my clients.
      I also wish the support team, the contest administration and the company management to go on providing its clients and partners with convenient conditions and organizing new interesting contests. Also, I wish them to constantly improve as the perfection has always been a key to good competitive abilities and attractiveness for potential clients!
      My clients and I would also be thankful if it were possible to reduce some systems’ fees when making deposits or withdrawals, for instance, when using Webmoney or Sberbank Online systems.
      It would be great if the company management established a contest “The company’s face” for the staff, partners and traders, so that everyone could see those who work for this company and trade with LiteForex. The employees could vote for the faces of the traders and partners deserving to represent the company on the site and on company’s business cards and booklets. The partners and traders in their turn could choose the best employees.
      On my part, I’ll do my best to remain LiteForex’s successful partner.
      Thanks a lot! All the best to the LiteForex Company!