Prize: $700

Ying Mendoza

LiteForex Championship DEMO

3rd place

        Country: Venezuela

        Contest account1001855583

  • Please tell us about your experience of working on our platform MT4 at the contest.
    • I think that MT4 – is a convenient and accessible platform, easily enabling to carry out transactions and use a variety of technical tools.
  • How long have you been a client of LiteForex?
    • Since December 2010.
  • Are you planning to take part in the next contest "LiteForex Championship REAL”, which will start on 27 May 2013?
    • Yes, definitely. I have already registered and soon I will top up my account up to the minimum amount in order to start trading.
  • Do you wish well to your rivals?
    • I wish them best of luck. May the best win. The one who is capable to anticipate changes in the market better than others and who can carry out the most profitable deals.
  • Would you like to participate in future contests, which LiteForex organizes for its clients, speaking Spanish and Portuguese?
    • Yes, of course. I believe that it is a perfect opportunity to try out new trading strategies and also get a valuable prize. I hope that I can take part in all such contests.
  • Do you have suggestions how to improve services of Liteforex?
    • I am pleased with all and everything both in the terminal and in the site organization. My only proposition is to see your representative in Venezuela and other countries of the South America.