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The more Lucky Tickets, the more chances to get a prize $500 monthly!
LiteForex’s all clients depositing 100 USD in their accounts during the promo period will participate in the promotion The winner will be defined randomly by use of a transparent and intelligible algorithm and a special number formed on the basis of currency quotes.
Last update on 10:45:00 update in 15minutes
Three digits above will make up a winner’s number on the basis of quotes for 3 currency pairs
See the number forming algorithm
Participant's ticket numberAccount number

Terms and conditions

1.1.    The promotion runs from 10.07.2018 to 10.09.2018 for LiteForex clients from South Africa only.

1.2.    The organizer and sponsor of the promotion is LiteForex Investments Limited.

1.3.    A prize of $500 is raffled every month among LiteForex’s clients from South Africa who made a total monthly deposit of $100 or more. 

1.4.    A client gets one Lucky Ticket with a unique number, which equals 1 winning chance, for each total deposit of $100 made during each promotion month. 

1.5.     Every participant may get an unlimited number of tickets with unique numbers and thus increase his/her winning chances. 

Example: If a client has made a total deposit of $1,500 within a promotion month, he/she will get 15 Lucky Tickets which will participate in the raffle. So, this client is 15 times more likely to win a prize than a participant with a $100 deposit.

1.6.    Lucky Tickets are distributed from the first till the last of the month, each month. Registration in the LiteForex Lucky Ticket promotion is not required. Lottery tickets are given automatically to all clients from South Africa who complied with the requirements concerning registration deposits.  

1.7.   The winner among Lucky Tickets distributed within the previous month is defined on each 10th day of the month at 10 am according to the time indicated on the trading platform (9 am, Cape Town time) by use of a transparent algorithm forming a winner’s number: 
The winner’s number is formed on the basis of BID prices for 3 currency pairs on the  ECN server:

The winner's number XYZ where

  • X is the last digit in the EURUSD Bid price
  • Y is the last digit in the GBPUSD Bid price
  • Z is the last digit in the USDJPY Bid price

A winner is a participant whose unique number fully coincides with the winner's number generated according to the schedule.

1.8    In case an account whose unique number coincides with a generated winner’s number cannot claim the prize under these conditions, the next or the previous participant will be recognized as the winner. The winner will be a participant with a higher deposit made during the promotion period.

1.9    In case a winner’s number exceeds a total quantity of participants, it shall be computed as follows:

Winner’s_number = quantity_of participants × number_generated / 999

*A result shall be rounded to a whole number in accordance with general mathematical rules. 

1.10    Lucky Tickets cannot be carried over from the previous month to the following month and shall be zeroed after the end of each raffle.

1.11    Those participants who withdraw a registration deposit partially or in full before a raffle has started cannot win a prize under the LiteForex Lucky Ticket promotion.

1.12    The accounts in which no trading activity has been registered during the LiteForex Lucky Ticket promotion cannot claim a prize.

1.13    The Organizer has the right to deny a prize to a participant with no reason given if there is a suspicion of rules violation or if a winner has refused to verify his/her profile and provide additional information regarding his/her identity.

1.14    The company’s representatives and staff, as well as their relatives are not allowed to participate in the promotion.

1.15    Any claims arising in connection with this promotion shall be examined according to the provisions of LiteForex’s Client Agreement. Any situation which is not mentioned in the company’s regulatory documents shall be sorted out by means of negotiations between the parties. A final decision shall be made by the organizer of the contest - LiteForex - and shall not be subject to any revisions.

1.16    By participating in the promotion, a participant fully accepts its conditions and rules.

1.17    LiteForex has the right to amend the promotion terms at any time without notice.

1.18    LiteForex reserves the right to use the information related to the winning accounts for advertising purposes and publish it in any sources of information. The winners are invited to participate in LiteForex’s advertising and marketing events, such as interviews, photo- and video-reports, and press releases concerning the contest. At the same time LiteForex undertakes not to divulge a winner’s private information (including name and surname) without his/her consent. Should a winner refuse to participate in such events, LiteForex Investments Limited reserves the right to change the list of winners.

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