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iPhone X 10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 256GB Macbook Pro 2017 50 prizes of 2018 LP points each in the VIP club 50 prizes of $50 each
Stage 1
  • Top up your trading account
  • Get a unique number
  • Win a precious prize
All the participants have equal winning chances!
LiteForex’s all clients depositing 500 USD in their accounts during the promo period will participate in the promotion The winner will be defined randomly by use of a transparent and intelligible algorithm and a special number formed on the basis of currency quotes.
Last update on 20:15:00 update in 15minutes
Three digits above will make up a winner’s number on the basis of quotes for 3 currency pairs
See the number forming algorithm
Participant’s numberAccount numberCountry

Terms and conditions

  1. New Year Promo 2018 from LiteForex is held from 01.12.2017 to 22.01.2018 inclusive
  2. The following prizes will be raffled under the New Year Promo 2018 from LiteForex: Macbook Pro 2017, 10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 256GB, Apple iPhone X, extra 50 prizes of 2018 LP points each in the VIP club, and 50 prizes of $50.
  3. The first 999 clients of LiteForex who made a lump deposit of at least 500 USD in their accounts during the promo period may participate in the promotion.
  4. A unique participant's number will be assigned to a client's trading account in which a relevant deposit has been made (see p.3). The number will be sent to the email address registered in the Client Profile. The account will be added to the list of participants displayed on the promotion page and will participate in the prize raffle.
  5. The prizes will be distributed in several stages according to the following schedule:

    • 1st stage, which will define the owner of an Apple iPhone X, will take place on 11.01.18 at 12:00;
    • 2nd stage, which will define the owner of an 10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 256GB, will take place on 15.01.18 at 12:00;
    • 3d stage, which will define the owner of Macbook Pro 2017, will take place on 17.01.18 at 12:00;
    • the 4th stage is taking place on 19.01.18; 50 winners of 2018 LP points in the VIP club will be defined one at a time every 15 minutes starting from 10:00.
    • The fifth stage is taking place on 22.01.18; 50 winners of gift $50 will be defined one at a time every 15 minutes starting from 10:00. The prize money will be put into their trading accounts and may be used in trading or withdrawn with no limits.

    The server time GMT +2 indicated in the schedule corresponds to the time indicated in the trading platform.

  6. The winners are defined in accordance with the schedule above and a transparent algorithm which forms a winner's number.

    A winner’s number is formed on the basis of BID prices for 3 currency pairs on the {server} server

    A winner’s number - XYZ where

    X is the last digit in the EURUSD Bid price

    Y is the last digit in the GBPUSD Bid price

    Z is the last digit in the USDJPY Bid price

    A winner is an account whose unique number fully coincides with a winner's number generated according to the schedule.

  7. In case an account whose unique number coincides with a generated winner’s number cannot claim the prize under these conditions , the next or the previous participant will be recognised as the winner. The next winner will be the participant with a higher deposit made during the promotion period.
  8. Those participants who withdraw the registration deposit partially or in full before the raffle has started cannot win a prize under New Year Promo 2018.
  9. The participating accounts in which no trading activity has been registered during New Year Promo 2018 cannot claim a prize.
  10. Every winner is held responsible for paying taxes or any other fees related to using a prize under applicable legislation.
  11. The Organizer has the right to refuse a prize without giving explanations if there is a suspicion of rules violation or if the winner has refused to verify his profile and provide additional information regarding his identity.
  12. The company’s representatives and staff as well as their relatives are not allowed to participate in the contest.
  13. Any claims arising in connection with this contest shall be examined according to the provisions of LiteForex’s Public Offer and Agreement on quoting system and transactions procedure. Any situation which is not mentioned in the company’s regulatory documents shall be sorted out by means of negotiations between the parties. A final decision shall be made by the organizer of the contest - LiteForex - and shall not be subject to any revisions.
  14. By participating in the promotion, a participant fully accepts its conditions and rules.
  15. LiteForex has the right to amend the contest terms at any time without special notification.
  16. The LiteForex Company reserves the right to use the information related to the winning accounts for advertising purposes and publish it in any sources of information. The winners are invited to participate in LiteForex’s advertising and marketing actions such as interviews, photo- and video-reports, and press releases concerning the contest. At the same time LiteForex commits itself not to divulge a winner’s private information (including name and surname) without his/her consent. Should a winner refuse to participate in these actions, LiteForex Investments Limited reserves the right to change the list of winners.


iPhone XStage 1iPhone XMT4-R-333459
10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 256GBStage 210.5-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 256GBMT5-R-121160
Macbook Pro 2017Stage 3Macbook Pro 2017MT4-ECN-328877
50 GiftsStage 450 prizes of 2018 LP points each in the VIP club
$50Stage 550 prizes of $50 each
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