«LF 2013» contest for partners

Motto: make a step to your success in the coming New Year!

Task: to work with referrals and score contest points during the contest; to become the first to score 2013 points!

Winner: the partners scoring 2013 points or more during the contest will be the winners. The partners who have met the contest conditions and scored 2013 points will be awarded
the increased affiliate commission of 2,3 points during the whole year 2013.

Ranking Account number Nickname Points
1 R57360 Nigeriapips master 341.99
2 R69229 Malaysiabotcare 293.91
3 R77569 Indiakhongwir 264.54
4 R140054 Indiapmrsforex 249.31
5 R173534 Indonesiadessy ardianti 239.23
6 R133640 BDRPsoft 157.94
7 R133797 BD"ZIKO" 106.24
8 R106532 BangladeshNahidLink 99.9
9 R172879 Egyptsofy 94.16
10 R144861 Indonesian3o 65.46
11 R132178 IndiaSAMRAT 56.93
12 R173926 ThailandForex-ATM24 54.35
13 R155981 United KingdomYo Baby 46.47
14 R127846 Russiavonc 39.25
15 R151254 Russiamr.int 28.67
16 R163916 Indiafunny 14.35
17 R174470 RussiaQs 12
18 R173509 Malaysiayashakia 5.72
19 R98230 MalaysiaZACKPAS 2.48
20 R169312 Bangladeshbillgets13 2.1

Participation terms

  • 1.1 The “LF 2013” contest for partners is held from 03.12.2012 till 31.12.2012.
  • 1.2 Each LiteForex’s client registered in the affiliate program may partake in this contest. To participate in the contest, first you need to register by use of the registration form on the right side of this page.
  • 1.3 Only those transactions that were conducted after a partner registered in the contest will score the points.
  • 1.4 The principles of work in the Affiliate program within the framework of this contest must fully correspond to the order determined in the «Affiliate agreement».
  • 1.5 LiteForex group of companies reserves the right to disqualify a participant with no reason given, as well as to refuse a participant a prize in case the contest rules have been broken.


  • 2.1 The participants whose contest accounts have scored more than 2013 points in the course of the contest will become winners.
  • 2.2 The points are calculated as follows:
  • \t
    • - a partner will score 1 point for every $100 his client deposits in his account;
    • \t
    • - partner will lose 0.1 points for every $10 his client withdraws from his account or transfers to another account. Profits may be withdrawn without any limitation or deduction;
    • \t
    • - a partner gets 5 points for his client's each round lot*;
    • \t\t
      • *
      • \t\t
      • - for NDD accounts the amount is 10 times less;
      • \t\t
      • - when counting the total volume of transactions with CFDs on shares, the number is multiplied by 0.1;
      • \t\t
      • - the volume is 100 times less for LiteForex type of accounts;
      • \t\t
      • - a partner will not score any points if his client’s transaction does not meet the conditions of the «Agreement on Quoting System and Transactions Procedure»;
      • \t\t
      • - clients’ hedged positions are not considered when calculating points;
      • \t\t
      • - clients’ transactions with the duration of less than 2 minutes, including synthetic locks, will not be considered when calculating points.
      • \t\t
  • 2.3 Only those partners whose clients have met both types of points scoring conditions (depositing and trading) can become winners.


  • 3.1 The following prize will be awarded to the winners of the “LF 2013” contest for partners:
  • the affiliate commission of 2.3 points during the whole year 2013
  • 3.2 Winners are invited to participate in LiteForex’s advertising and marketing actions such as interviews, photo- and video-reportages, and press releases concerning the contest. At the same time LiteForex commits itself not to divulge winner’s private information (including name and surname) without winner’s consent. Should a winner refuse to participate in these actions, LiteForex group of companies reserves the right to exclude this participant from the list of winners.