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The contest "Great hundred: season 5" has been completed. We are awaiting for approval the final list of winners and we will set the date of final raffle soon. Please watch our company news, the information will be updated soon!

  • Contest Conditions
  • Rating
  • The "Great hundred: season 4" contest is held from the 15st of August, 2013 to the 15st of September, 2014 for the clients from Malaysia.
  • The following prizes will be raffled among the finalists upon the completion of the contest:
    • Grand Prize: Toyota VIOS
    • Second prize: Yamaha FZ150i
    • Third Prize: Apple Macbook Pro
    • Also:
    • 5 units Apple iPhone 6
    • 5 units Apple iPad Air
    • 5 units Apple iPad Mini
    • 5 units Apple iPod Touch
    • 10 units Apple TV
  • To participate in the final raffle, you need to:
    • 1st step – Register the trading account with LiteForex, if you still don’t have it.
    • 2d step - Make a total deposit of $500 over the contest period. *
    • 3d step – Execute at least 100 real lots (1 real lot = 100 000 $) **

The registration in the Contest «Great Hundred 4» is automatic, which means that all accounts in which a deposit has been made during the contest period will be automatically added to the contest Ranking.

*The number of lots is calculated from the moment of the first deposit and throughout the period of promotion. To participate in the final and get the chance to win the prizes, the sum of deposits made in the account during the contest must be at least $500. Transfers between accounts will not be considered.

** For accounts such as Floating Spread, volume of 1 lot is 10 times less than the amount of REAL lot. For accounts such as LITEForex, volume is 100 times less than the amount of REAL lot.

  • Each participant can register for the contest any number of trading accounts to increase the winning chances in the final contest.
  • Trading Instruments - all the trading instruments provided by LiteForex Group of Companies, except for CFD - NYSE STOCKS (CFD - NYSE STOCKS are allowed for trading, however, volume gained from trading in such instruments will not be taken into consideration).
  • Participants can use trading advisors or any other trading strategies with no restrictions sticking nevertheless to the «Terms of use» and «Agreement on Quoting System and Transactions Procedure».
  • Each participant who has taken the three steps according to the item 3 of these rules will participate in the final raffle whose exact date will be announced right after the end of the "Great hundred: season 3" contest.
  • All the finalists must fully verify their profiles in order to participate in the raffle. LiteForex group of companies reserves the right to request any additional information regarding the participant’s identity when crediting a prize.
  • Each winner can claim only one prize. If the name of the same party will be announced in the final re-drawing, the procedure for determining the winner must be repeated.
  • All prizes including the first prize are material objects and are not subject to exchange for other items, services, or money.
  • The organizer does not provide technical support and insurance considering the prize, and is not responsible for any problems concerning prize condition and its transportation.
  • The organizer does not pay any fees for registration of the car and motorbike with the government and environmental fees. All the prizes, including the first prize, are free of charge by Organizer.
  • LiteForex Group of Companies has the right to change the contest terms at any time without any notice.
  • LiteForex Group of Companies reserves the right to refuse in registration and disqualify the participant without explanations. The reasons for disqualification can be the following':
    • Violation or non-observance of the contest rules;
    • Violation or non-observance of the «Public Offer Agreement» and «Agreement on Quoting System and Transactions Procedure»;
    • Registration of several client profiles belonging to the same physical person;
    • Opening counter transactions of big amounts on the same currency pairs on different accounts and at the same time approximately;
    • Use of quotes flow failures to make guaranteed profits;
    • Presence of contest transactions, including lock trades, whose duration is less than 2 minutes;
    • Ascertainment or suspicion that a Participant has committed any kind of fraudulent action for being listed among the winners.
  • Winners are invited to participate in LiteForex\'s advertising and marketing actions such as interviews, photo-and video-reportages, and press releases concerning the contest. At the same time LiteForex commits itself not to divulge winner\'s private information (including name and surname) without winner\'s consent. Should a winner refuse to participate in these actions, LiteForex group of companies reserves the right to change the composition of the winners\' list and award the prize to the participant occupying the next place in the final rating.
Account number Account type Deposit Form Lots Registration date
1 221626 REALForex 1148.01 2014.04.08
2 233373 REALForex 846.98 2014.05.30
3 77779 Floating Spread 640.892 2014.03.18
4 75910 Floating Spread 628.79 2013.11.19
5 142339 Floating Spread 574.228 2014.03.11
6 172398 REALForex 446.4 2013.11.12
7 206430 REALForex 445.62 2013.08.21
8 208496 REALForex 405.65 2013.08.28
9 65994 Floating Spread 344.53 2014.04.29
10 225704 REALForex 291.19 2014.03.06
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