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Back-testing is something that is fundamental for a professional foreign exchange trading function. Back-testing technical tools and indicators make sure that they will provide accurate enough forecasts in the real market is something that pros do with their custom-programmed versions. And forex tester 2 is the most commonly used back-testing software, a generation up from the 1st gen forex tester. But there quite a few traders who openly use a forex tester 2 key for a cracked version.

Well, firstly, a cracked software application is simply illegal to start with especially if it is originally a paid version. And there are more than a handful of professional traders and brokers who use a cracked version of this software with a forex tester key so that they don’t have to buy it. The thing is, although they can use a crack version quite extensively, there are certain in-program anomalies which are evident in these cracked illegal versions.

Drawbacks with a forex tester 2 key

Firstly, cracked versions have a higher chance of providing inaccurate back-testing data. For a proper back-testing, traders need accurate past market data. And it’s obvious that these software applications do not come pre-loaded with years of market data. Past market data is taken from servers which are directly linked to original versions. In the case of cracked versions, servers tend to provide inaccurate data or no data at all.

This is was not a problem with cracked 1st gen software applications which can be used with a forex tester key. But from the 2nd generation of this popular back-testing software, market servers often tend to isolate illegal users thus not providing proper data on the go. So, these cracked software applications which provide inaccurate data are better off not used at all.

Every cracked version of a paid software application requires a crack and a key or a keygen. Running a popular cracked software application leads to certain hazards especially when that user logs on to the internet. It is obvious that there are more than a few things which will come up with using a cracked version on the internet.

The cracks, more often than not, are provided by anonymous users who often lurk the internet for unethical cyber motives. There have been cases where users working with an illegal version became victims to cyber hacking and other similar cases.

Absent features

As obvious, there are some features which are absent in these cracked versions which use a forex tester 2 key. Added technical tools which are pre-loaded into original versions are absent in cracked ones. Along with these, cracks themselves are programmed with back-tracked codes leading to in-software bugs which do not allow certain features to function properly within the software. Discreet user reviews have shown that opening multiple windows is another thing which these cracked versions do not provide for in the first place.

So, the alternative is always to go for an original paid version for back-testing instead of a cracked version with a forex tester 2 key. Foreign exchange trading is profitable only when it’s taken as a tradition, and this requires a proper mindset and aptitude. There is no cracked versions for profits and only original ones.

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