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MetaTrader® is the software which has revolutionised forex trading. The anywhere-anytime accessibility of FX with the help of this software is one of the reasons why forex has become a viable choice for all the new investors across the globe. And with Metatrader Linux, users apart from Windows and Mac from PC’s can also join in trading.

Linux is different

As Linux users know, it is an open-ended operating system modelled on the UNIX platform. It differs from both the Windows and Mac platforms drastically. And accordingly, installing software in this system is different compared to that in other platforms.

To use Metatrader Linux, a user has to download Wine. It is a UNIX- based software which allows installing Windows-based software into the UNIX system. Once Wine is installed, the Metatrader software downloaded previously can be installed into Linux. The user has to open the setup file after installing Wine. The PC will automatically opt for opening the software with the help of Wine; thereon it can be installed easily.

Proven Benefits:

MetaTrader is the best online platform for FX trading. It is a complete package as far as FX trading is concerned and a top choice for professionals and beginners alike. What MetaTrader has successfully achieved is that it increased the accessibility of FX to anyone and everyone irrespective of the time and place of access. Desktop based sit-at-home finds it utilitarian; among the prime features are: 

  • Availability of both netting trading and hedging modes of FX trading.

  • FX robot tests and demo usages.

  • Best-in-market technical indicator and analysis tools.

  • A built-in “Strategy Tester” tool and market simulation tool.

  • “Market Depth” for a comprehensive comparison of securities.

  • Multiple integrated modes and all available order types.

This software has been popularly reviewed as a perfect FX operation tool along with numerous positive user reviews. It successfully integrates all the necessary requirements for any form of professional trading at the traders’ fingertips. Although it is primarily programmed for Windows and Mac users, it can be used nearly to the same extent by users with Linux-based PCs.

Metatrader Linux

It is worth mentioning that any Windows-based software may malfunction in some of its features while performing in Linux through Wine. The problems are programming defaults; troubleshooting default problems is quite improbable. To ascertain the problems to MetaTrader would thus be inconsequential.

Although reviews differ, the software is said to function seamlessly through most sections and functions. Specific software faults are varied and too incongruous to be generalised. The only confirmed malfunctioning in case of MetaTrader 4 and 5 versions is in its Market app or add-on; this application does not function on Linux. But despite that single faux pas, this software functions just as strongly in Linux despite not being programmed for it. With a negligible sized setup file and an 800MB+ operational size, the software is user-friendly and light on the PC at the same time.  

The whole fact points to the adaptability of this software without compromising user experience and utility. For a trader, to be able to engage in FX from a Linux PC with a leading Windows and Mac based software is a blessing. Metatrader Linux is a win-win situation for anyone with who wishes to do FX on Linux.

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