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    MetaTrader 4 for PC

    The most popular and convenient trading terminal. Traders use it worldwide, earning hundred thousands of dollars every day. Minimum requirements to computer and Internet speed, which helps conduct trading even from old-fashioned computers.

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    MetaTrader 4 for iPhone
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    Mobile terminal MetaTrader4 is designed for iPhone® 3G, iPhone® 3GS and iPhone® 4 with operating system Apple iOS 3.0 and higher. Client terminal - LIteForex servers communication is achieved by means of Internet-connection via 3G or Wi-Fi.

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    MetaTrader 4 for iPad
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    Terminal MetaTrader4 can be operated from tablet computer iPad™ as well. Mobile terminal helps you connect to LiteForex trading servers and conduct transactions anywhere, due to Internet access via cellular communication or Wi-Fi. After installing MT4 being on your iPad™, synchronization and application launch, you can start working at a financial market.

  • MT4 Multiterminal
    MetaTrader 4 for Multiterminal

    Multiterminal was created for those who trade from various accounts. It helps conduct trading in different strategies and diversify assets. Such approach decreases capital drawdown in unfavourable conditions, as well as helps avoid complications when trading in different strategies.

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    MetaTrader 4 for Android
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    Mobile terminal MetaTrader4 perfectly functions with the devices equipped with operation system Android. This application helps you work with any LiteForex trading account which was designed for MT4.

For effective trading on Forex market, it is necessary to install the software to help open and close transactions. MetaTrader 4 trading platform is perfect for these goals and provides a trader with plenty of important options, besides trading.

  • Handy user’s interface with multilingual support
  • High level of online operations protection
  • Possibility to trade various financial instruments (Forex, futures, CFD NYSE) from one trading account
  • Possibility to receive Forex news online
  • Possibility to manage a local database of quotes history
  • Possibility to build as many charts as you want, for various time periods
  • Integral set of instruments for technical analysis
  • Possibility to develop and to use advisors
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Beginners to Forex can download Metatrader-4 and use it for drill trading on a demo account. This helps learn all the details of trading with no investments and prepare to opening a real account. Besides, demo account provides for participation in contest trading where one can compete with other traders for the right to be a winner.

  • Twenty-four-hour access to world markets from any place, at any time, also from a mobile phone
  • Integration of a desktop and MT4 trading platform
  • Forex quotes in a real-time mode and opening of new positions
  • Execution of market orders and choice of order types
  • Management of open positions and control of deferred orders
  • Check of accounts state, equity and margin level
  • View and building of charts with numerous time periods
  • Intuitive and handy interface
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As for the professionals, MT4 provides for the possibility to create automatic trading systems by means of using integral option of programming using "MetaQuotes Language - 4". It is possible to test and check these systems by means of simulation trading method, which helps accelerate program updating process a dozen times.

  • The handiest interface, multilingual support
  • Enlarged possibilities for working with charts that enable traders to trade and to do market technical analysis at the same time
  • Possibility to use experts and advisors for automatic trading
  • Presence of terminal email system, an advanced means of communication between a trader and a broker
  • Detailed information on trading account state
  • High security level
  • Possibility to trade on the Forex market and the markets of futures, CFD NYSE and precious metals
  • Integral set of adjustment functions to adapt the platform to trader’s trading techniques
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The MT4 terminal allows you to manage PAMM accounts under LiteForex’s asset investment service. Operating a Manager’s account is not different from trading in a normal account and does not require any additional skills.

  • Creation of a structure incorporating a manager’s account and several investment accounts under the MT4 platform
  • Construction of graphs and complete market analysis for defining the potential of investments
  • Comprehensive set of features for adjusting the platform to a manager’s trading strategy
  • Integrated newsfeed from the acknowledged leaders of industry
Open MT4 Live account