linux metatrader 5

Linux metatrader 5 is a platform that runs on the Linux OS. Since there are different OS one can trade with, the installation process of these platform are different from each other. For the sake of this article, we will focus on the Linux OS and the MT5 platform.


The Linux OS is assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution. This OS is widely accepted on mobile phones and other mobile appliances. It can be used on PCs but many PC owners prefer to use the MS Windows series.


Owing to the required technological advancement in our world today, as well as variety, different group developers have been able to develop several Linux versions, one of which is the Ubuntu. For one to run the Linux Ubuntu version on a PC, there is need for the “wine” software app installation. Wine is a free and open source software that gives Microsoft Windows apps the ability to run on a Unix-like OS like the Linux. Wine is not a stable application and as such, not all software you start under it functions properly.

The metatrader 5 runs perfectly well under the MS Windows series, but not so under the Linux versions like Ubuntu. This does not mean that on cannot run the metatrader 5 on a Linux operating system, but to do this, one has to run the wine application on the PC with Linux OS. This will give the metatrader 5 app the leverage to function on a PC with Linux OS, (even when it was not designed to be so).


When developers design programs/software, they have the intention that the software will run on a specific OS. Some might run on more than one OS, as the case may be; but in most cases, programs do not run on the Linux OS as well as the Windows OS. This became a problem for users of Linux OS who may want to run some windows program on their Linux OS PCs.

Graciously, after some research and hard work, a solution to this problem was found; the wine windows program loader. It is a compatible layer for running windows app on Linux. What the wine app does is to use the native system’s dll files in place of its own. With this loader, one can run unmodified program windows executables and programs ported from windows.

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