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18.07.2018  14:13
BCHBTC analysis: a Mafia Game
Written by  Mikhail Hyipov

BCHBTC fundamental and technical analysis. Should you buy BCH now or wait? Learn here.

18.07.2018  12:29
Turtle soup: trading against the crowd
Written by  Dmitri Demidenko

Studying the principles of the Anti-Turtles pattern formation and building strategies based on it

18.07.2018  08:40
Dollar Got Doping from the Central Bank
Written by  Dmitri Demidenko

The Fed chairman’s speech before the Congress drew up the indexes of S&P 500 and USD

18.07.2018  08:24
Analysis for oil, gold and silver for 18.07.2018
Written by  Alex Rodiоnov

Precious metals prices broke out middle-term supports. They are to consolidate below

17.07.2018  13:01
Pound fell into a swamp
Written by  Dmitri Demidenko

Political risks may not allow the Bank of England to continue the monetary policy normalization cycl...

17.07.2018  11:39
BTCUSD analysis: Alternative Scenario
Written by  Mikhail Hyipov

Everybody sees Head and Shoulders pattern in BTCUSD price chart. I’d like to suggest an alternative...

17.07.2018  08:44
Dollar is Anxious
Written by  Dmitri Demidenko

Investors worry about growing risks of high securities market turbulence and the US economic recessi...

17.07.2018  08:41
Trading forecast for oil, gold and silver for 17.07.2018
Written by  Alex Rodiоnov

Oil price continues falling down, metal prices are being corrected

16.07.2018  14:32
NEOBTC: Light at the End of the Tunnel
Written by  Mikhail Hyipov

Analysis of NEO to Bitcoin. How is NEO doing amid the general market uncertainty? Learn here.

16.07.2018  13:39
The Aussie will smoke the peace pipe
Written by  Dmitri Demidenko

The hopes for de-escalation of the US-China trade conflict and close start of the normalization of m...

16.07.2018  08:51
Analysis for oil, gold and silver for 16.07.2018
Written by  Alex Rodiоnov

Today, the new margin requirements for CL oil futures come into effect

16.07.2018  08:37
Dollar: Mission Impossible
Written by  Dmitri Demidenko

It is almost impossible to cut the US foreign trade deficit in the context of the massive fiscal sti...

15.07.2018  11:52
Economic calendar for the week 16.07 - 22.07.2018
Written by  Jana Kane

Trading on key Forex news: we are expecting the publication of data on China's GDP for the 2nd quart...

13.07.2018  14:49
USD/СAD wave analysis and forecast for 13/07/2018 – 20/07/2018
Written by  Alex Geuta

The USD/CAD price is still likely to grow. Estimated pivot point is at a level of 1.3062

13.07.2018  14:29
EOSUSD analysis: Going to Rise
Written by  Mikhail Hyipov

EOS to USD analysis. Should you buy EOS now or wait? Learn here.

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