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Become LiteForex’s partner and make profits from one of our affiliate programs. As LiteForex’s partner, you are offered the most competitive conditions under any of LiteForex’s forex trading affiliate programs.

Internet promotion methods

Your own site

Post some interesting information on your site and the LiteForex will provide you with promotional materials to boost traffic to your site.


Develop popular blogs for more efficient promotion of your affiliate link

Social network

Advertize your services in social networks: comment on messages left in thematic groups and repost your advertising information.


Having chosen your right target audience, you’ll be able to make creative posts and promote your affiliate link more efficiently.

Video- and audio-hosting

If your affiliate link unobtrusively appears in a description of a popular video or in the video itself, the results won’t take long to come.

  • New Zealand

    I started working in the framework of LiteForex’s affiliate program just about a couple of months ago. It took me some efforts but finally it proved its value and I earned about $1500 within 2 months. It’s a good source of additional income for me.

  • Australia

    I got interested in LiteForex’s affiliate programs 6 months ago and I found out that I could make profits from my blog and acquire new clients by use of affiliate links. I think that I have quite an interesting blog, that’s why I attract lots of referrals and this yields me huge profits.

  • You don’t make too much effort when bringing in new clients if you have a high quality site from LiteForex at your disposal. I opted for the CPS program 4 months ago and now I’m coining it in! I’ve earned $17000 so far using this program.

  • Indonesia

    Many of my subscribers have already become my referrals, and this number is increasing as I continue to promote my blog. Now I can make money from what I like.

  • I tried all kinds of affiliate programs and now I can say for sure that the program Rebate from LiteForex is beyond any comparison. I’m glad with my income and the convenience of this system.

  • The affiliate program White Label changed my life just over 1 year. Now I have my own business, a recognizable brand and a sea of clients.

  • I tested the asset investment system. Actually, I only had to promote a selected PAMM project, now I get guaranteed profits from the

  • I have become LiteForex’s regional representative in Novosibirsk lately. I took up this idea and got busy training new employees long ago, and now I have an office and employees I’m in charge of and I make guaranteed profits.

  • I’m pleased with the simplicity of the system Cashback. I decide myself which percent of my commission I will pay to my clients. This helps me plan my budget and do business with LiteForex in a more profitable way.

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