Be it a freelancer forex advisor or an MNC forex investing/trading firm, each fresh view of their website increases the chances of one more new addition to their client base. So, the right forex website template to garner such views is a variable which is just as important as those in trading, especially for a broker.

Why are forex websites templates so important?

Let’s consider a case of a budding forex investor, one who is looking for a place to get started. To him/her, the impression created by a website is of utmost importance. That viewer will judge a website on the vibes it generates the moment it opens up on the screen. And if the individual finds the website, or rather website experience, satisfactory, he/she might even opt for subscribing to its services.

From the broker or brokerage firms’ point of view, any individual viewer is vastly important. The lions’ share of their earnings depends on the spreads they enjoy while trading in the market with the investor’s deposits. So the number of investors in a company can to some extent be considered as being proportional to the sum revenue earned by the company.

Forex is an ever increasing market. The number of investors and the cash flow involved in it increases by the day. And to grab on to this increase is what the broker aims to do. Thus, a higher viewership produces a higher subscription rate and it is this scenario which makes forex websites templates important.

Creating a proper forex website template

So what will a viewer look for in a forex webpage? An exact computation of requirements from his/her viewpoint would be quite impossible, however, for probability’s sake they would be: 

  • Informative
    A live currency chart or graph, live pip change graph or time updated market predictions go a long way, a really long way to securing the viewer’s trust and wow.
  • Scannable
    First glances will not be detailed ones. First-time viewers will simply scan through a forex website template and register whatever details can be gathered. So, cleverly chosen and placed images on a webpage guarantee that a viewer will register information/s which are important extending the amount of time spent.
  • Style 
    Upon this point, though, opinions differ. Some say that the serious future forex investor will not look for stylishly designed webpages. But some say that it does matter to the extent that a viewer will hold on to a website which has a bit more panache into it. He/she will consider that website to be well-groomed with an attention to detail, attributes which will then also be applied to the website owner.
  • Utility
    Once the viewer is held, it is the in-website mechanics which enhance viewer experience. A website with smart buttons will impress and functions such as ingenious drop-down menus increase the viewer experience, trust, and satisfaction multi-fold. Utility, when merged with the modern aptitude for ingenuity, is winning combination in any sector including in case of a forex website template.

Forex is a web-hosted domain and in order to latch onto to this increasing trend, the forex website template can be a game-changer.

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteForex. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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