Who can take part in “Bring your friend” program?

If you have already open a trading account with LiteForex, but you don’t have your own web site for attracting clients then you can receive compensation for telling your friends and familiars about your broker. To work in the frames of “Bring your friend” program no special skills or knowledge is required. All you need is a REAL account open.

What are the advantages of “Bring your friend” program?

Your friend sign up an account with a reliable company and you receive a bonus on your trading account. The more friends you invite the more your compensation becomes.

Profit from “Bring your friend” program

Depending on the amount of money your invited friend deposits and his trades volume you will receive a bonus on your REAL trading account.

Your friend’s deposit Trades volume Your bonus
From $50 1 lot $25
From $500 6 lots $50
From $1000 10 lots $100

If an invited friend deposits his account little by little then your bonus will be increased as soon as his total deposit sum and the trades volume reach the next level.

For example,
Initial deposit of a friend you invited is equal to $50. After he closes trades for total volume 1 lot you receive a bonus of $25 on your account. After a while your friend deposits $450 more. So now his total deposit sum is $500. After he closes trades for total volume 6 lot your bonus amount increases from $25 to $50 thereafter. So for each invited client you will be able to receive a bonus up to $100.

How to take part?

The inviting procedure is quite simple:

you invite a friend from your trader's cabinet
your friend opens an account
and starts active trading
you receive a bonus

You need to:

Log in to the Trader’s Cabinet and choose the "Affiliate program" section. Then in the "Bring a friend" tab enter your friend’s e-mail and click on the “Invite” button.

After your friend learns the trading conditions he or she will be able to open an account of any type and deposit on it. After he closes trades of minimal required volume, your account will be credited with bonus.

Terms and conditions of the program

  • An invited friend should be a new client of the company. It is forbidden to invite those who already are registered as LiteForex’s clients.
  • An invited friend can’t be your relative or affiliated person.
  • If an invited friend opens and deposits on several trading accounts, a bonus will be credited only for depositing on one of them.
  • Total amount of funds deposited on various accounts of an invited friend cannot be the reason for bonus crediting
  • There is no limitation on the number of invited friends.
  • LiteForex has the right to request any additional information regarding the inviting person’s or invited person’s identities.
  • If there are several REAL accounts registered in the name of one person, a bonus is credited only to one of them.
  • Bonus cannot be transferred from one account to another.
  • Bonus is credited to the account and is not withdrawable. Any profit gained as a result of transactions executed on bonus funds can be freely withdrawn.
  • For accounts of LITE type the minimal trade volume given in the table is 100 times more.
  • For accounts of NDD type the minimal trade volume given in the table is 10 times more.