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CPS program is a great possibility to gain on Forex without trading

CPS program is a cost per sale based affiliate program for partners of the LiteForex Company

CPS (Cost per Sale)

The CPS program is an opportunity to get the highest partner's remuneration - $50 from each referral.
Number of referrals
× $50 =
Amount of earnings

Main advantages:

  • LiteForex partner provides himself with one of the highest partner's remuneration by creating a CPS-campaign, provided that all conditions have been met ($50 for each client);
  • Money reward in the amount of 10% of the sub-partner's income, available in LiteForex’s all affiliate programs.

How does it work?

A trader needs to follow the personal affiliate link to LiteForex official web-site, create a profile and open an account with a deposit of no less than $100. After the referral will make 50 transactions, the CPS-partner's account will be automatically credited with $50 as money reward.*

*The number of trades applying to the referrals that work with CENT accounts amounts to 500.

Earn with CPS

from $1000/month


If referral decides to register in the affiliate program, he automatically becomes a sub-partner for the partner that attracted him. This brings to the partner an additional income of 10% of sub-partner's commission:

Become a partner
Referral is a new client that began to trade in the Forex market via affiliate link of partner.
Sub-partner is a participant of the affiliate program that used partner's affiliate link to become one.

Bonuses for LiteForex' partner

Additional advantages

Monetization without restrictions

Online monitoring of attracted clients

Qualified support and consultation

10% of attracted partner's income

Automatic commission fee payment

Commission fee is $50

Multiple-level system

Sub-partner in his turn can draw not only clients but also his own sub-partners. So, the CPS-partner gets remuneration both for activity of his referrals and his sub-partner’s referrals and partners. All the mutual payments and commission fees payments are conducted automatically:

Amount of levels in the partner's program is unlimited.


How to gain $2250 with the help
of the CPS partner program

Let us suppose that you have attracted 35 clients. 30 of them have opened trading accounts of any types with the deposit of $100, and each of them has made 50 transactions. Then your income will be 30*$50=$1 500:

30 × $50 = $1 500

Five clients open affiliate accounts and work as sub-partners, under the Rebate program. Their clients trade 500 lots on EUR/USD. Then your income will be 10% of 500 x $15 = $750.

10% from (500 x $15) = $750

You will get in total $1 500 + $750 = $2 250

*The full rules of delivery of partner programs are described in the affiliate agreement and regulated by it.

Have you decided to become a partner?

I started working in the framework of LiteForex’s affiliate program just about a couple of months ago. It took me some efforts but finally it proved its value and I earned about $1500 within 2 months. It’s a good source of additional income for me.

Hans Müller


I got interested in LiteForex’s affiliate programs 6 months ago and I found out that I could make profits from my blog and acquire new clients by use of affiliate links. I think that I have quite an interesting blog, that’s why I attract lots of referrals and this yields me huge profits.

Norman Ward


You don’t make too much effort when bringing in new clients if you have a high quality site from LiteForex at your disposal. I opted for the CPS program 4 months ago and now I’m coining it in! I’ve earned $17000 so far using this program.

Mohd Razlan Bin Abdul Zakri


Many of my subscribers have already become my referrals, and this number is increasing as I continue to promote my blog. Now I can make money from what I like.

Angga Sardi


I tried all kinds of affiliate programs and now I can say for sure that the program Rebate from LiteForex is beyond any comparison. I’m glad with my income and the convenience of this system.

Anastasia Vinogradova


The affiliate program White Label changed my life just over 1 year. Now I have my own business, a recognizable brand and a sea of clients.

Hesham Ahmed Sami Ali


I tested the asset investment system. Actually, I only had to promote a selected PAMM project, now I get guaranteed profits from the

Barau Mu'azu


I have become LiteForex’s regional representative in Novosibirsk lately. I took up this idea and got busy training new employees long ago, and now I have an office and employees I’m in charge of and I make guaranteed profits.

Kirill Polyakov


I’m pleased with the simplicity of the system Cashback. I decide myself which percent of my commission I will pay to my clients. This helps me plan my budget and do business with LiteForex in a more profitable way.

Carolina Medeiros


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