Who the PAMM-Partner program has been developed for

Everyone who has his own web-site or uses any other means of affiliate link promotion in Internet can become a PAMM-partner of LiteForex. Asset management is very popular among people all over the world, which makes the referring of the clients easy and mutually beneficial for both company, partners and managers.

LiteForex PAMM account is an unique, fully automated system of asset management, an opportunity for everyone to earn at Forex market by taking the funds into management, or by investing them into the account of another manager.

What the PAMM-Partner gets

  • An opportunity to choose the most profitable conditions. In much the same way like the investors chooses the most profitable alternative for money investment, the partner can choose the PAMM account of a certain manager for cooperation.
  • Universal affiliate link, which allows work under two programs at the same time: PAMM-Partner and Internet-Partner.
  • Multilevel affiliate program without the unlimited number of levels – for the referred partner you get 10% of his income.
  • Wide set of free affiliate instruments for placing at the web-page: banners, informers, wallpapers and other advertising and training materials.
  • Free web-site from LiteForex with recognizable company design with automatically-updated content.
  • Multifunctional partner’s cabinet for online monitoring of attracted clients’ activity, web-site visits statistics, and work with the database.
  • Informers constructor for generation of the own effective instrument for referring the investors to all PAMM accounts, or the specific PAMM account of the manager whom you cooperate with.
  • Personal manager and support of the affiliate department managers for the expert prompt consultation concerning the cooperation with LiteForex.
  • An opportunity to withdraw the commission by different means, including LiteForex card – an easy-to-use payment instrument, which is accepted in more than 100 countries of the world where MasterCard service is valid.

How much does the PAMM partner earn?

A PAMM-partner can have 2 types of income.

First one is the reward for the investor referred under the affiliate link. Its size is set by the manager of PAMM account and measured in percent of the manager’s profit, received from the funds of the investor. Investor’s account is added automatically to partner’s affiliate group, if the account was registered under affiliate link. That is to say, if your referral becomes an investor of PAMM account, you automatically begin to receive the reward set by the project manager.

The second part of earnings is the reward which the manager pays to the partner for the promotion of his PAMM account. If the manager assigns you as a partner of his PAMM-project, you will receive the reward for the whole project: both for your referred investors and for investors who have joined the project themselves. The reward size in this case is also set by a manager. In order to start the cooperation, the partner needs to contact the manager of the PAMM account using the special thread on the forum or using the contact details given by the manager in account profile.

The Investment account of Manager gets into partner’s referral group automatically, when you follow the affiliate link.

We cite the following example of partner’s commission calculation:

  • 1) The partner has attracted 4 investors to the PAMM account, each of them has invested $10000. During the working period the manager has increased the PAMM account equity by 60 percent. The manager of the account gets the reward equal to 20 percent of the investors’ profit, and pays 20 percent of this reward to the partner, who has attracted these investors. Thereby, for referring these four investors under the referral link the PAMM-partner receives the sum: $10000*4*0.6*0.2*0.2=$960.
  • 2) PAMM-partner cooperates with the manager of the PAMM account and provides the referring of the investors to partaking in this specific account. For this the manager pays the reward to the partner equal to 10 percent of manager’s reward for all investors of this account left after payments to investors’ partners, regardless if the investors are the direct referrals of the PAMM partner or not.

    14 investors have invested the money to the PAMM account, and 10 of them are not referrals of the partner. Total sum of the investment of these 14 investors is $140000. During the working period the balance of the PAMM account was increased by 60 percent, and manager’s reward is 20 percent of this sum.

    Thereby the partner of this PAMM account receives the sum: ($140000*0.6*0.2-$960)*0.1=$1584

Using the two systems of calculation, the earnings of the partner for the period are $960+$1584=$2544.

How to take part in the program?

For registration in PAMM-partner program you need to file an application from the client’s cabinet or by filling the short registration form at the web-site. After the approval of the application you will receive the notigication by e-mail, containing an unique affiliate link and details of your commission accounts.

If you are already participating in Internet-Partner program of LiteForex, you do not need to pass the additional registration for partaking in PAMM-partner program, because the same affiliate code is active for both programs.

The main conditions

  • Applying for the participation in the “PAMM-Partner” program, a partner automatically registers in the “Internet-Partner” program that is regulated by the Affiliate agreement and is aimed at inviting new traders and partners to work on trading accounts of type REAL, LITE, NDD, STP and PAMM.
  • If the partner is already registered in Internet-Partner program, he must not pass the additional registration for PAMM-partner program, but he can use the same affiliate code.
  • For each PAMM account the affiliate reward is set by a manager, and therefore can differ.
  • The reward to the partner is deposited automatically at the rollover to the partner’s commission account of NDD type, and becomes right available for withdrawal.
  • Manager partner must be additionally approved by a manager in the cabinet. For that the partner should contact the manager and discuss with him the terms of cooperation.
  • One partner can cooperate with several managers at the same time and refer the investors to the different projects.