The Revenue Share affiliate program provides the participants with a stable income as they earn a commission on every trade of the attracted clients.

Revenue Share

The Revenue Share program yields the highest possible remuneration in the market: up to $15 per trade conducted by a referral as well as 10% of your sub-partner’s profits
Sub-partner + 10% is a participant of the affiliate program that used partner's affiliate link to become one.
Referral + $15 is a member of the affiliate program, a new client who started trading in the Forex market by use of a partner’s affiliate link.
Cashback set a percent of commission to share with your client yourself, at your sole discretion.
Major advantages:
  • high profitability;
  • stable income;
  • simplicity;
  • accessibility;
  • multilevel system;
  • automatic crediting of monetary remuneration;
  • the highest commission fee in the market.
How it works

A trader is driven to LiteForex’s site via an individual referral link, opens a profile and an account with a deposit of $100 or more

When your referral registers in the affiliate program, he gets the status of sub-partner, who has his own affiliate link too, and you in your turn begin to get additional 10% of income from his commission reward

Multiple-level system

Sub-partner draws clients and partners as well. This provides commission for activity of both the partner's clients and the sub-partner’s referrals and partners. Besides, all the fees are calculated automatically and partner does not need to waste his time on them:

CashBack system

A partner can indicate the percent of commission that he would like to share with the client on his own. This function helps to stimulate the client to register via invitation that he got from the partner. The amount of CashBack is set by the partner on his own behalf in the amount of 0% - 100%:

The amount and deposit of affiliate commission into Referrals’ accounts depend on the activity of the Partner and his Referrals
Volume of less than 100 lots and referrals’ total deposit is less than $500030% of the markup or the broker commission
Volume of over 100 lots or referrals’ total deposit is at least $5000 (basic commission rate)70% of the markup or the broker commission

How to gain $1 650 with the Revenue Share partner's program

Let’s assume that you have attracted three clients.
The first one has opened a CLASSIC account. He makes transactions in the volume of 30 lots on the EUR/USD. Then your income is 30 × $15 = $450.
30 x $15 = $450
The second client has opened partner's account in the Revenue Share program and works as a sub-partner. His clients make transactions in the volume of 600 lots on the EUR/USD. Then your income is 10% of (600 × $15) = $900.
10% of (600 × $15) = $900
The third client has opened an ECN account. He makes transactions in the volume of 200 lots on the EUR/USD. Then, your commission will equal $300 (30% of 200 × 5), provided that the company’s revenue from this tool is equal to $5 per lot.
30% of (200 × $5) = $300
You shall gain in total $450 + $900 + $300 = $1 650.
  • The full rules of delivery of partner programs are described in the affiliate agreement and regulated by it.

Internet promotion methods

Your own site

Post some interesting information on your site and the LiteForex will provide you with promotional materials to boost traffic to your site.


Thanks to the popularity of the blogs you can effectively promote your affiliate link.

Social network

Advertize your services in social networks: comment on messages left in thematic groups and repost your advertising information.


Having chosen the right target audience, you will be able to compose your own posts in a creative way and thus to promote efficiently your affiliate link.

Video- and audio-hosting

If your affiliate link unobtrusively appears in a description of a popular video or in the video itself, the results won’t take long to come.

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