15% bonus of each deposit

Receive a 15% withdrawable bonus of each deposit exceeding $50!

LiteForex group of companies is happy to draw your attention to the “15% bonus” promotion. To increase your opportunities in the foreign exchange market, LiteForex offers you a 15% bonus each time you deposit at least $50 in your trading account.  Don’t forget to check the “Get bonus” box each time you make a deposit via your Client’s Cabinet!
The bonus can be withdrawn without any limitations when the promotions terms are met.

Forex promotion conditions

  1. 1. The trading accounts of the following types - LITEForex, REALForex and Floating Spread – can take part in the promotion.
  2. 2. A 15% bonus is credited for each deposit from $50 in the account participating in the promotion. This kind of bonus is not credited automatically. To receive it, a trader must send a request through the Client’s Cabinet.
  3. 3. The maximal amount of bonus that could be credited is 2000$.
  4. 4. The total sum of bonus for each account can’t be more than 2000$ during the whole account’s history.
  5. 5. The accounts opened through the MultiRebate system as well as PAMM and STP accounts may not partake in this promotion.
  6. 6. A trading account may participate only in one of these promotion categories:
    • - Either in standard bonus promotions: 30% within 24 hours and 15% deposit bonus;
    • - Or in the “30%+10% bonus” promotion.
    Consequently, an account in which “30% within 24 hours” and “15% deposit” bonuses have been deposited can’t be registered for the “30%+10% bonus” promotion.

    If a client partaking in the “Bonus 30%+10%” promotion wishes to register the same account for the standard promotions “30% first deposit bonus” or “15% bonus on each deposit”, he must send a request for excluding the account from the “Bonus 30%+10%” promotion to bonus@liteforex.com. At the same time, current 30%+10% bonuses will be cancelled.
  7. 7. Affiliate commission is not charged on bonus funds.
  8. 8. Bonus will not be credited for funds transferred from another account.
  9. 9. When you withdraw money from your trading account or transfer it to another account the bonus amount is reduced in proportion to the account balance.
  10. 10. Any profit made by investing the credited funds into trading may be withdrawn from the account without any delays.
  11. 11. Bonus funds, credited on trading account can be used in trading and can be withdrawn from account during 1 year. In case the bonus funds were not transferred from credit to balance during 1 year, they will be deducted from trading account.

    *If there are any opened transactions on the account by the time of expiry of the bonus campaign, the bonus will be deducted as soon as the transactions are closed.
  12. 12. If the trading account has a negative balance, the bonus is automatically deducted from it. Bonus may be used as additional means to maintain the margin of opened positions. You may not use in trading bonus funds only.

    *If you have a negative account balance after closing a position/some positions, you can always contact our Technical support department in order to make a balance correction.
  13. 13. To transfer a bonus sum from credit to balance you need to execute no less than 50 transactions with total amount of lots no less than 30% of the bonus received. You can find some examples in the table below:
Amount of forex deposit Forex bonus amount A required number of lots*
50 7.5 2.25
100 15 4.5
500 75 22.5
1000 150 45
  • * For Lite accounts the amount is 100 times more.
  • ** For Floating Spread accounts the amount is 10 times more.
  • *** When counting the total volume of transactions with CFDs on shares, the number is multiplied by 0.1.

If you wish to withdraw funds gained as a bonus, you must verify that you have fulfilled the conditions above. If you meet these conditions, you can send an e-mail to bonus@liteforex.com with the following message:

Please consider withdrawing the bonus received as a result of participation in “LiteForex returns Bonus 30%” promotion. The conditions are fulfilled. My account number is ________ (type in your account number).

During 3 working days after sending a request, our manager will verify whether the conditions are fulfilled and will reply in a letter with the results of verification. In case of a favorable decision you will be able to withdraw funds immediately.

  • If a client withdraws balance funds after receiving a bonus, LiteForex reserves the right to cancel or reduce a bonus amount on particular trading account.
  • LiteForex reserves the right to request any additional information regarding the participant’s identity.
  • LiteForex has the right to refuse to credit bonus funds without providing reasons thereof.
  • LiteForex reserves the right to cancel a bonus if an account balance is negative.
  • LiteForex has the right to cancel the bonus credited any time before.
  • Several types of bonuses cannot be credited to one and the same deposit.
  • A bonus cannot be transferred from one account to another.
  • When counting the total amount of closed orders we do not include:
    • deleted and canceled pending orders;
    • transactions that contradict paragraphs 7.2 and 7.3 of the Quoting Regulations;
    • lock trades.
  • A profit (loss) on closed orders that are taken into the consideration should be no less than 3 pips.
  • LiteForex group of companies has the right to change the promotion terms anytime, without special notification.

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