Forex 300 bonus

There are quite a few trading platforms which give out free trading money to their clients. This free credit is added to the trader's account as soon as they make a deposit and using the total they can aim for higher risk trades. Forex 300 bonus is one such intriguing offer which traders are making use of more often than not.

A bonus like no other!

Now considering so many similar bonuses available in the online world, what is the striking point of this particular offering? Read the segment below to know the answers.

This is an additional sum which you get on making a deposit of $1000 in your personal profile. With $1000 being the base amount for most traders wanting to aim for decent profits, this bonus offer is something which will serve them plenty of benefits.

It is an exclusive offer and is not applicable for all trading accounts. Its validity is for 3 months at the most, and it can be obtained by a bonus code available in platforms offering this bonus.

How do you get Forex 300 bonus?

You firstly have to get the promo code and activate it. For the activation, you will have to spare your email address, your phone number and also the country and state which you reside. Once you have entered all these details, it will be verified. Once you clear that, you will have to choose the payment mode and make your deposition.

This is where the real fun starts.

As you make your first deposit of $1000 you, as per the rules of the bonus, will immediately get a 30% bonus credit straight into your trading account. This means that you will get a Forex 300 bonus amount on each deposit of $1000.

Using the additional margin, you will be able to aim for higher profitable trades. This 30% bonus will last 24 hours right from the time you got signed up for your trading account.

However, the fun doesn’t end here. Once the first day has expired, you will continue to get bonus credit of 15% from the following day on every deposit you make of $1000.

The bonus amount will keep getting accumulating and you after some time will have a sufficient trading capital to work with.

How it helps you and your trading operations?

  • Getting Forex 300 bonusfor each $1000 deposit will make you more confident as a trader. If you make 3-4 deposits of $1000 on the first day, you will get ($900-$1200) more.
  • The profits which you earn will be on the total of your deposit and the bonus amount will be $1300, thereby increasing your profit margin.
  • Certain number of transactions needs to be carried out and if you successfully meet that, you can withdraw the entire amount from your trading account.

Final statement:

This is how you get Forex 300 bonus credit into your trading account. Just check online for its availability and more importantly go through its related terms and conditions before signing up. One last thing, while trading always keeps a level head use dependable data and oscillators. This will make way for more accurate and profitable trading.

Learn, Invest and Prosper!


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