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With the number of brokers increasing with every passing phase, each broker tries to entice traders and investors via attractive bonus offerings. And let’s face it everyone loves free offerings. So whether it’s a free deposit or spread rebates, certainly does catch the eyes of traders especially those who have just entered into the realm. Here are some of the forex bonus promotion offerings which most of the top rated online forex trading platforms are seen giving out.

Top forex bonus promotion offerings

200% bonus offerings

This is one of the common forex bonus promotion offerings which most top rated forex trading platforms are seen providing to their exclusive clients. The basic concept of this offer is that with money you deposit into your account, the brokerage will give out a free credit double of that amount.


Say you deposit $100 in your account and owing to the 200% bonus offering, your trading platform will give you bonus amount of $200. Similarly if you deposit an amount of $10,000, your bonus amount which will be added to your amount will be $20,000.

This is great for neophyte traders who have less capital to trade with. And the best part of it is that after the terms and conditions are complete, you can even withdraw the bonus amount.

Deposit free reimbursement

Another forex bonus promotion which many online brokerage firms are offering is a deposit free reimbursement. Yes that is actually a fact. There are numerous online brokerage companies you actually give you this benefit.

The criterion which you have to do is use the payment cards for your deposit and your broker will transfer the money directly rather than relying on any 3rd party deposition system.

Plus they will also recompense you by paying back the deposit fee into your trading account.

Just check the terms and conditions regarding which card is accepted as they differ from broker to broker.

35% pips rebate

This is a common forex bonus promotion which allows traders to gain spread rebates after every trade. These rebates can reach up to 35% and they are only applicable to trading accounts only. A minimum deposit of $500 has to be provided into your trading account and only then will the promo code be activated.

It remains valid for 30 days and with that promo code traders can get the scope to participate in the Pips back program allowing them to make some partial refunds on each of their trade operations.

This is a forex bonus promotion which different brokers offer for different accounts and to it would serve right to check the terms and conditions before-hand.

30% deposit on deposit

Another attractive forex bonus promotion is getting a bonus of 30% when you make a deposit of $100 and above in your account in the 1st 24 hours after its opening. For depositions of $100 and above made after, bonus of 15% will be awarded!

Plus after fulfilling all terms and conditions, you will get the option of withdrawing that amount without any issues.

Final comments

These are some of the top forex bonus promotion offerings which you will find offered around. Excluding these many other attractive offerings are presented and for to avail. However do check the terms and conditions before-hand to check the eligibility and withdrawal options. Learn forex, make an account, make use of these bonuses and earn big.

Happy trading!

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