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Though the option of a demo trading account is given by every forex trading platform, some of the top rated podiums also give out exciting bonus offerings Though at times you require a bonus code to be applicable for the inventive, most cases you just have to visit their home page and sign up for an account. The article will present you with forex bonus review along with names of the podiums. So if you are a trader who is search of such podiums, then just go through the segment carefully.

Forex bonus review: A look at what is being offered in the market:

There are quite a few bonus offerings which are given out my different online brokers to increase their mass appeal. Let’s check out a few of those trade-convenient bonus offerings.

  • As per forex bonus review there are some companies who are known to provide amazing bonus deposits up to $5000. All traders have to do is set up an account with a small real money deposit and after their account set up is complete, they will instantly get a credit from the broker’s side.

There are also some companies who are actually giving away such offers and that too with good leverage too. Plus free enrolment to forex webinars where traders exchange knowledge and market strategies and also tutorials or E-books covering A-Z of forex trading is also provided to make them more knowledgeable about forex trading.

Customer feedback 

There are quite a number of users who have stated that on setting up an account with $500 they were given 25% on their first credit. However they also said that they had to use that free credit within the first 7 days of the deposit as otherwise it would become not applicable.

  • Other schemes as per forex bonus review include a no deposit amount with 100% rebate on losses. Numerous brokerage establishments are sponsoring some cash to traders setting up a trading account in their trading platform. Though the amount allotted is not lump-sum ($25-$100), it is definitely a good way to help traders start of their trading career on a winning note.

Note. These schemes are only applicable for tyros who are opening a trading account for the first time.

Customer feedback

A 17 day old forex trader stated-“I received a $40 no deposit bonus when I set up my first trading account and it was like a magic wand and it exposed me to a world of great profit acquiring possibilities…I also received good leverage and tight spreads which also played a part.”

Another one quoted-“The WOW factor of such no deposit bonus offers is that it eliminates that element of risk, something which prevented new traders from submitting into the venture. When you win you keep all profits and when you lose you do not have to owe any money to your broker due to 100% rebates”

  • After checking out some otherforex bonus review some other platforms also gave out 25-30% cash back on every trade done along with a host of VIP bonuses to their elite customers. Other important schemes include “Refer a friend schemes where on referring traders can also get some cash from the brokerage company.

Final statement

To know more platforms offerings enticing bonus offers, you should go through the top forex bonus review. In those reviews, you can also get access to those trading platforms directly. Learn forex trading and get started with it immediately. The profit winning prospects are humungous and in the process you can also make good use of these offered bonuses packages.

Happy trading:

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